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Cody Lucario

We Are Still Human

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A piece I wrote titled "We Are Still Human"




Every day we wake up before the sun rises. We form into equal lines and flatten our hands and raise them to our brow as the banner is raised. We work all day with little rest, some may not sleep before the next day starts. All are tired, all must push on.


Every day we watch as you go by, mocking us, laughing at us, spiting on us, calling us degrading names while we just look on as you molest us further. We don't know why you feel this way, all we want is to ensure your safety, but you hate us anyway.


You don't understand. You never will. You will never understand why we chose to leave everything we once held dear, to sacrifice a life of freedom, to work for little to no pay, to put our lives in danger in a place far from home that many may have never heard of.


We don't understand. We never will. We will never understand why we are hated for our passion, for our sense of duty, for the security of our loved ones. We will never understand why you think we cannot feel.


You wear something different everyday, we all wear the same thing as each other. You work 9-5, we work 24/7. You choose what you want to do, we are told. You are safe in your home while we risk our lives in the air, on land, and out to sea. It's true, there are differences between us, but we are the same. You and I both feel.


We share the same emotions. We feel happiness, joy, delight, and love. We feel pain, sorrow, anguish, fear, and sadness just as you do. We love you, but you only show hate.


We may seem different from you, but we are still human, and all we want is to be treated like such.



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Every TV show I have ever seen condemns war, and somehow disaster is averted because of some unlikely thing. But they never give us tools to make actuall peace. So it instills a hatred of the warrior but does nothing to build peace. It is us here at home that need to stop racking up our debt and increasing this nation's offenses. Here I am a college student looking for a job, thousands of dollars of debt, and no clue what war demands from a person. Thank you for choosing to be radical and fight to keep us safe, and keep your crew members sane.

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Heartfelt and wonderful.

But someday, Cody, I hope you can let go of the people and incidents that make you think and feel this way.  US civilians certainly don't all stand on the other side of divide you see in your mind's eye. And even for those who do, it's doing yourself no favors to internalize it like this.

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