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Connecting to IRC using HexChat

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A basic guide on how to connect to the Christian Furs IRC using HexChat

Note:This guide has been adapted from my tutorial on setting up Xchat-WDK which was the former name of HexChat




Hexchat - For Windows.

Note: If your not sure which version to download just download the x86 version




1) Install HexChat


2) Open HexChat


3) In the menu bar at the top, go to "Hexchat" then click on "Network List..."



4) In the Network List window, enter your user information.


5) Time to add the IRC Network. Click on "Add" and type a name you want to give the IRC network. Since the network is called "Foxnet" that's what I will call it.

Note: If you don't want the network list to show up every time you open Hexchat, you can check the "Skip network list on startup box"



6) In the "Edit" window, click on "newserver/6667" and change it to "irc.foxnet.in/6667" and press enter


7) Under "Favorite Channels" type "#christianfurs" and check the box "auto connect at startup"

Note: This will allow you to connect to the Christian Furs IRC channel automatically when you start up Hexchat



8) Close the "Edit" window


9) Click on "Foxnet"(or whatever you named it) in the network list and click connect



10) You should now be connected to the IRC. To chat just type something in the text box and press enter




- To get tabbed view go to View -> Channel Switcher then click on tab

- My font settings are

Main Font: Arial 10

Alternative fonts: Arial Unicode MS,Lucida Sans Unicode



- Here's a guide for basic IRC commands that are good to know


-You can edit "Preferences" under "settings" to change things like font, color, alerts, timestamps and more.


If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


Hope to see you on the IRC ^.=.^

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* Wolfin uses the WDK; it's not only free but newer and has more features ^.^


I've started using it too and I think I like it better so far

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I need to get on the IRC sometime, but I use my iTouch for 99% of posting on CF and stuff because I'm in the furry closet :P, what shoul I use for the iTouch then? And I don't want to pay for anything because I don't want to get found out xD

(secret agent fur FTW!)

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