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Can't upload files

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I haven't uploaded anything for a long time, but when I wanted to today, it said it couldn't move a 997KB mp3 or 984kb mp3. It's not quite 1 MB, and I've been able to upload worse, I think. It tells me it "cannot be moved"???


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Where are you trying to do this? Forums' date=' galleries..?



I gave up trying a few months ago and was focusing on other projects, so that's why I'm so late replying.


Anyways, I was trying to upload to the gallery, not the forum.

Once I find my files, I'll try again, but it was giving me problems.

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The galleries have been updated since then too...


I tried it again. Here is the result:


0 uploads were successful.



Error Report

The following uploads encountered errors:

File Uploads:

File Name/URL Error Message

1. Track05.mp3 Impossible to move.


The file is 997 KB, so it should have worked.

If there's no way for me to upload the rest of my audiobook, I'll just delete the whole thing.


I tried reducing the file size to 976 and it still doesn't work.


I cut the file in half, so that it's 577 KB. Same message.


I made the file 501 KB. It still did not work.


I tried uploading a 183 KB sound effect file as a test. No luck with that, either.


Apparently it either hates mp3 files or I've exceeded my upload quota.


As an experiment, I decided to upload some furry art instead. If anything, I thought, that should work, since it's not a sound file, and it's what your website is designed for.


No. It didn't work. It gave me the same message "impossible to move". So again, I must either have exceeded my quota, or your website is seriously defective.

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if its not any trouble at all, you should upload a video (you can make it a private video if you want (dont show anything that you wouldnt want many people to see)) on youtube and then give us the link so that we can personally see whats going on whenever you try. and by "we" i dont actually mean it involves me. "we" is basically referring to the smart people here.

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