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  1. So, I am indeed improving, although not mastered (by far), in my drawing....but while I was away on a missions trip to Africa, I decided to draw and thus, I drew an updated Fursona pic... tell me what-cha think... :3 BTW, I posted a poll as well...don't forget to answer it
  2. Jerms

    *Teehee* Hello Christ's Furries! :D

    Sorry I am a bit late, but WELCOME! :3
  3. I drew two new pictures for my Fursona trying to clean up the design...I'm not sure which I like better and which one has more potential (both will need to be made younger and less muscular)...but I would like opinions and critiques on both please. Don't forget to vote on the poll! 1. 2. THANKS!
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    What was the most recent game you played?

    Inherit The Earth
  5. My new drawing I just finished, whatcha think?
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    @ VC_Wolffe -yes, I have thought many a times about taking some art classes but haven't had much more time then anything but Drawspace.com (which is excellent btw) @ Kepler -you are absolutely right about the tree, I wished after I looked at the finished picture that I had done better proportionally as well (note to self, get a straight-edge) Thanks for the compliments and critiques
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    thank you... 6 WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS! YEA!
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    Was watching my cat last night and was inspired to do this drawing:P, enjoy! Let me know whatcha think!
  9. yes VC, you are right in that assumption ... Thank you for the welcoming and I hope to fit into the community here at CF.
  10. Hey There, Real name: Jeremy Allen Other names: Jerms About your fursona: A playful baby lion cub with a great sense of humor Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: Texarkana, TX Email: [email protected] Artist/Writer: Discovered I can draw only recently, never had really tried before. Style: of drawing? cartoon (its fun to draw in that style) Been to any cons: Nope, I am fairly new to the fandom, didn't actually know what to call it for years...just thought I must have been weird... but I do thing AC looks like fun...getting to Pittsburgh will be the issue... Fav. music: Relient K, Switchfoot, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Contemporary Worship, and pretty much anything else... Likes: Jesus, Computers, Video Games, Playing guitar, drums, and piano, diapers(well, what did u expect? They're comfortable ), the entire Lion King trilogy and science fiction in general but more specifically the Stargate franchise. Dislikes: spaghetti Church Denomination: Non-Denominational, but some may say Charismatic Pentecostal. Anything else: Ask away