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  1. Almost makes me wanna buy a copy of Reach and start up my old xBox 360. XD It's good. But Reach is depressing... your entire Spartan team dies. Er, presumably. Two of em just plain disappear.
  2. Wow! I never saw *this* much of a connection before... but yeah! I see it! O.O I like these games now more than ever!
  3. Eeeee! A gryphon! ^.^ ~dances~ Welcome welcome welcome! Heehee! Wow! *ahem* Nice to see my favorite species from the Narnia series here. ^^;
  4. Hullooo! ~hugs~ Welcome to our very diverse and extremely homey corner of the internet.
  5. Greetings and salutations! ~shakes yer paw heartily~ Nice to have you here. ^-^
  6. E-P-I-C--W-I-N!!!! Totally you bro!
  7. Yus! I'm gonna get one whether I have to make one or pay for a commission. =^.^=
  8. Welcome! Glad to have you! ~hugs~ =^-^=
  9. Hello Kagrin! Nice to meet you! ~huggles~
  10. Welcome to our community! :3 *hugs*
  11. Hi! ^-^ ~glomps~ Nice to meet you!
  12. Hello! :3 ~hugs~ Welcome to our community!
  13. Hello Xephyr! Glad to have you onboard!
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