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gaming monitor

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i want to buy a monitor to play 144hz refresh rates and 1 respon time


1920 x 1080 vs 2560 x 1440  can i run this both resutlion with 2 cards or one in ultra setting?


will this work better to play with 980ti or newer one with 2 or 1 or wait for the new ones that have two cpu that have vram to 16 or 32 vram?


will 720 resulion be better or 1080 resulition or 2560 x 2160 resulution for gaming in high refresh rate 144 respone time to 1 respone time will 720 be the only one run smooth for viwer and player twtich?


can you play ultra or high full speed with out lagging in the gamer or viwers?


how long can i keep my cards until it neccery to update?





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