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  1. Oh ok I see I don't play online so I don't know what it's like. I just build by myself on creative. On the ps3 You and anyone else are welcome to join me
  2. How can there be yiff in Minecraft though? It's just a game of blocks
  3. Oh my gosh!! Me too! I'm so glad to find someone who feels the same! Man I strongly dislike all that vulgar, perverted stuff in movies and games. Why do they have to put all of that man??
  4. Like Skyrim, Minecraft or things similar. Not a fan of call of duty or grand theft auto stuff
  5. Well said. I know exactly what you mean. Better relate to others to bring them to Christ. Like how people go through a lot when they're younger and turn to Jesus later and can win the souls, who have gone through similar things themself, easier. Since we like anthropomorphic material, we can win the souls of those who do not know Christ, easier. Because of our common interest. I've helped one or two in the fandom turn to Christ before. One guy even had self deliverance and felt the weight fall off of him and was free. All I could do was text haha. Tense but cool
  6. Hahaha I've seen that picture before but I love it! It's so true and funny!
  7. Thank you, man! I'm just normal guy who loves the Lord
  8. Haha I've been in the furry thing for almost 3 years Maybe I'm a furry in denial. I would go to a con in a fur-suit for sure! I also have two characters. But I still wouldn't call myself a furry. I think it's because I'd rather people see Jesus in me, rather than a furry guy. I have my heart more to Jesus than I do in the furry game. And I belIeve where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. My treasure isn't in this world it isn't the furry stuff, or anything else. It really is in Jesus alone. Now I'm not a perfect saint, I still have a lot to learn and Jesus is still working on me in many areas. But I love Jesus more than anything. Anyways, all that to say; I like the furry stuff, but my hearts not in it. So I don't label myself as one. Know what I mean?
  9. Well, what lead me here was fellow furs that are Christians! I saw a link posted in a Shout on Fur Affinity and wanted to check it out. I was like "Christian? Fur? Sweet! *Tap*" I'm not actually a furry myself, no. But I do enjoy everything about it! Kind of like someone who enjoys watching sports and everything about it, but doesn't care to actually play it. My beliefs? Like my faith? Well, I believe the bible word for word exact and have my faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone. I often talk to Him and try my best to listen to Him and do what He asks of me. Or at least what I believe that He says.
  10. Hey, thank you, man! I appreciate the welcome! I certainly will! I'm just a laid back, easy going guy. Calm, loving and forgiving. I like to workout and exercise. Play games and guitar and piano. I also like parkour and am getting into it. Been at it for about 2 months(?) Just doing the conditioning mostly. A lot of QM (quadrepedal movements) and sprinting, pushups, squats, pull ups and abs etc.. All in various forms, speeds and difficulty. But now that it's colder, I'll probably get a gym membership and start lifting. I prefer body weight workouts
  11. I'm Jesse. I've just recently found the site and am curious to see how it goes and what goes on. It's cool to see that there are Christian furs that see and want the "good" part of the "furry fandom." That choose life over death and love over hate. I'm hoping this site is legit.
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