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  1. Sadly most of the politicians serve just their own interests - the money - not the nation or the people who voted for them... But the faith can unite us :3 We must be strong and pray for the best solutions !
  2. Thank you so much for every sweet comments ...I was not able to be here for awhile , but the God always lead us back for the important places and moments in our life God Bless everyone ! :3
  3. Hello Dear Christian Furries ! Basically I am really shy to be open to talk about myself, but sometimes good to looking around how the things are going in the World and hold the chance and meet with new people. I came from Hungary - and the English Language sadly is not my first communication way - but I had luck to live three years in the UK and it's improve my skills and it's help/let me to express myself... I was thinking about to write about a few words or an unique introduction...but I did it many times before at my main site when I uploaded an artwork/photo as explanation... and the best way to follow the pattern sometimes..maybe "An old and shy anthropomorphic dragon who just looking for the meaning of life...live peace and love as nun...Yinepu Sanctimonialis" -I find my real name : Yinepu Sanctimonialis everyone from my friends call me Yinepu or Sister Yinepu (the latin word for sister/nun is sanctimonialis, Yinepu is came from my partly spiritual guider Anubis this is his old Kemetic name) -My fursona and fursuit is a Black Dragoness nun/sister ...If somebody ask me why, my answers for this question is : I cannot describe my feelings better way, this character expresses the eternal duality and the fight inside...between the evil and the good...the emotions which sometimes tear us apart...our life...and something I would like to be..something I was some life before... -I am a dragon and I am eternal in spirit, but my real (human/body) age you can find in my profile datas -I have no public gender sorry (or I don't feel relevant to be male or female... maybe androgynous) I would like to be and wear those clothes I feel similar with the feelings inside...or I dreamt before...(my "fursona" is female - of course - if I need to express "her" ) -I live in Hungary now -Feel free to write me here a pm (if I can not reply soon, that is come from my busy lifestyle..sorry for it ) or you can find me at furaffinity -Sometimes (not really often) I can express myself thru drawings..., but I prefer much more to enjoy with my fursuit to meet with my friends and take visit cons like London furmeets (in the past) Eurofurence ... -I like every kind of music if it contains good melody and meaningful lyrics -I love read books, travel, learn new things....meet with beautiful people... -I don't like ... Too many meaningless questions, superficial persons... to hurt somebody...to be weak and let to the evil temptation And finally I am a Religious Roman Catholic and I attached one of my fursuit photos...I wish you Blissfully and Bless life my Fellow Christian Furries...
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