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  1. Thanks, guys! I use Photoshop CS3 and a mouse. I have a tablet, but I'm not familiar enough with Creative Suite to be able to use it without becoming rather frustrated.
  2. I'll upload finished art here every once in awhile. Like all artists, my technique is a work in progress, so my style will never look the same from piece to piece. Thanks for viewing! (-: Random wolf. His name is Sven, and that's all I know about him. He's kinda my 'drawing practice dummy'...
  3. Thanks for the friendly welcome, everyone!
  4. Other names: You can call me Jake. About your fursona: Big male wolverine called Jake. Whoa! More of an OC; I don't consider myself a full furry, but then I'm not your garden variety anthro fan either. Jake's shaggy fur ranges from black on the limbs and chest to deep brown and black on his back, and black up to the back of his skull. His head is a dark brown, with a cream-colored mask stretching from right above his brown eyes, down the tip of his muzzle, and to the throat below. A chestnut colored streak runs from between his eyes to the top of his head. A cream-colored irregular "V" stretches from his massive shoulders down to his stomach. His left front paw is peculiar, colored a creamy white instead of black like his other three. Gender: I be a duder. Location: From da nort-woods of Minn-ah-so-tah. Currently wandering around the midwest and planning on heading north again at some point. Artist/Writer: I doodle a bit. Been to any cons: No, somewhat interested in checking a couple out though. Fav. music: Country, folk, classic rock, indie rap, punk, symphonic metal/power metal. Zac Brown Band, Trace Adkins, Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, The Band, The Police, Kid CuDi, Murs, Atmosphere, Nightwish, Magos de Oz, etc... In the process of breaking away from stoner and indie rap and replacing it with more edifying stuff by Christian artists. Likes: Longboarding, snowboarding, off-roading, wilderness hiking and camping, herbalism and wildcrafting, snow & cold, autumn, shooting, reading, drawing, listening to music, meeting new people and trying new things. Dislikes: My sin nature, raw onions, the heat, road rash, Taylor Swift music (-;, dissension among believers, dissent among my fellow humans. Church Denomination: Non-denominational Anything else: I'm saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ's completed work alone. I joined the site so that I could touch base with other anthro-fans/furs who share my religious beliefs. I have a history of struggling with sexual sin related to the anthro/furry fandoms (ouch, it hurts to admit that), and I thought that it might be a good idea to touch base with some furs who could identify with my temptations and offer some support. For someone who is very conscious of his own sin nature, God's endless redeeming grace is a mind blowingly wonderful concept. I'm looking forward to fellowshipping with fellow saints and hopefully will get the chance to edify and be edified. Can't wait to meet some of y'all! *Waves paw*
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