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  1. When you are not on how about if some of the other leader type figures do a bible study?
  2. Over last weekend, I attended a panel at FWA in regards to being critical to other writers and how to do it in the right way. What he had discussed with us is that being a critic to other writers is sometimes very hard because it involves being honest with the other writer. As he put it, there were times where he was honest with his friends and he got "Claw Marks," all over him for doing it and lost his friends. In my case, I have writers put down on their work that critique was welcome and yet, when I told them that I didn't like the story. I got no response. Instead, they chose to block me for what I said. However, what advice would some of you writers give me if I needed to be critical without getting bitten or clawed? That is even if I don't like the story?
  3. Summer


    It's nice to meet you too Wisconson.
  4. Summer


    My great grandparents were Jews and came to America right before the wars and changed their last names. So I am a Jew myself.
  5. Summer


    I am quite gentle.
  6. Summer


    I don't know much about Thomasville but I know about Roth. My rabbi goes by the name of Scott Sekulow. He is related to Jay Sekulow of ACLJ and you can watch him online. He is very well known.
  7. Hi, I'm Summer and I am new to this forum thanks to Otsoka Blair. I have been attending Christian Furry Fellowship for nearly six years with introduction to Oren Otter. I am also a leopardess pirate. Other information about me, I am a Messianic Jew or Judaic Christian who believes that Jesus is the Messiah. However, I prefer to be called Jewish though.
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