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  1. Hi Draya! Welcome to the forums!
  2. Thank-you for posting that! I just spent the last number of hours reading through the entire comic - that was awesome!
  3. I think the relationship you build/maintain while praying should be the main reason for prayer. It's really that simple. If we are Christian, believing in God, then we should get to know Him. To do this, we can read the Bible and pray. These are our most direct links to God. It seems to me the first few points you have are kind of indirect... I think the main thing is that to talk with God we pray. We should do this constantly (as written in the Bible) so that we have a good relationship with God. A good relationship with God generally means that we will sin less; God will be able to help you much more in all areas of your life. As for prayers (specifically requests in prayers) going unanswered, we must remember: -Prayers are always answered. However, "No" is also an answer. -Some prayers are answered "yes" - but in God's own time. -Is the request something that will fit in God's will? Is it made from a Christian heart or a greedy mind? "- what are things you pray about most often with the most resolve in all seriousness without any breach of conscience: those are probably the most important things in life." I wish to disagree with this. Even if you meant "most important things to you in your life", this probably isn't a good measure. I might be misunderstanding what you're trying to say. One might be serious about X and almost never pray about it because there's little or nothing to say. Or, the opposite, one might pray for an enemy out of love - not because that enemy is an important aspect of that person's life, but because that person feels compassion for his/her enemy. I like the message from this video (on the subject of praying): http://www.tangle.com/view_video?viewkey=eb0b7b372491d8bef98b If you think of praying as sitting down with Jesus and talking - as friends just as much as servant to Master, I think it adds meaning to prayer. You aren't just sending out random thoughts into space, you're actually talking with God on a personal level. Hope this helps.
  4. Ah... I wouldn't have thought it would take much code to make it work, but oh well... We both have dif. accounts, it's just that I like using the "stay logged in" feature. Thanks anyway.
  5. A request I have is to have the feature of getting all the posts within a certain time period. I tried using the "search" feature, but as it doesn't allow you to just put in "*" or "***" (some "minimum character" limit), it doesn't help on this. As I only read through the forums once a week (usually), this would be useful. The "View New Posts" doesn't always work because if I or my brother ever come onto the site during the week (for even a second or a single page-loads), it clears all the "new posts". Don't know if this would be possible, but it would be nice
  6. Nice imagery/sensory details! Not confident that I'm understanding its meaning, though... a description of a loveless romance?
  7. That's beautiful...
  8. chess123mate


    I've also played for hours. Lately I've been too busy to do anything, not to mention not motivated My account on there is 'chess123mate'
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