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Need help in conlanging grammar morphemes

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I've been brainstorming about my own language. The reason was that I simply couldn't say some things without having a double context. For example:

  • Make me a sandwich. -Do you mean like... transform me into a sandwich or give me a sandwich?
  • How are we going to get that pizza? -I'll buy us it. -Okay, where are the declensions?
  • How are you? -Dun do anything... *tired* -What? Why not? -I'm not talking about you. I'm saying I don't do anything. -Ohhhh! Well, yeah. In Croatian, the verb contains the face in its conjugation, but English doesn't.

Same as for Croatian:

  • Gdje je Äaj? (Where is the tea?) -Napravit će se. (It will be made / It will make itself) -Ne može se sam napravit! (It can't make itself!) -A daj dosadan si! (Oh come on you're boring!)
  • S kim si? (With who are you (ex. hanging out)?) -Sa Zdenkom. (With Zdenka / With Zdenko) -S kim!? (With who!?) -Sa Zdenkom. (With Zdenka / Zdenko) -Daj reci tko! Zdenka ili Zdenko? (Come on, tell me who! Zdenka or Zdenko?) -Zdenka. -Ahaaaaa!
  • Od koga si dobio ovaj poklon? (From who did you get this present?) -Od Tene i Dine. (From *(Tena/Teno) and *(Dina/Dino)) -Daj me nemoj ***. (Come on, don't *** me)
  • Daj ovo Medi. (Give this to *(Meda/Medo)) -Medi ili Medotu? (To *(Meda/Medo) or Medo(non-standard declension, a.k.a. "invalid"))
  • Daj ovo Medotu. (Give this to *(Medo/Medot)) -Dobar ti je Medot. (Your Medot is good) -Nije Medot nego Medo! (It isn't Medot, but Medo!)

Any language without a good casing system or that cuts off the nominative form while declining will NOT end good! Both Croatian and English fail here.


I've been thinking of such a language where every noun has a suffix that tells case, number and gender.

Speaking of gender, it's hard to say is it "they" or "*(he/she)". That's why I've got an idea to do this:

  • Male gender singular
  • Female gender singular
  • Any gender singular
  • Unalive singular
  • Example singular (used in special cases like example sentences and roleplaying)
  • Male gender plural
  • Female gender plural
  • Mixed gender plural
  • Unknown genders plural
  • Unalive plural
  • Alive and unalive mixed plural
  • Example plural (same as Example singular)

Now, I need to create such grammatic morphemes that won't conflict with endings of usual nouns. In case it happens in nominative, the nominative suffix will be appended.

I also have problems like this:

  • I came here to protect you from trolls, yiffers who are perverted and secude people and provokers. -Okay, which sub-sentence does what refer to?

In these kinda sentences where it's critical to explain correctly, I like to do this:

  • I came here to protect you from:{trolls & yiffers:{who:{are perverted & seduce people}} & provokers}.

In a middle of a heated argument, Murphy's Law is very effective and it will make people understand me wrongly.


Also, if I say:

  • I know that this code will work. *code doesn't work* -Why didn't it work? -Well, I thought it was gonna work. -Don't think! -But I knew! I just can't say knew because it would mean that I'm denying that it doesn't work, but I'm trying to say that I had the "knew" kinda feeling. I didn't "think"! -Pfff you're a psycho. -GRRRR!!! *explodes*

Also, check this out:

  • You're stupid because you're gay. -I'm not stupid because I'm gay... -Haha you admitted that you're gay! -No, I didn't! Let me rephrase. I'm not stupid UNbecause I'm gay. -Wow XD Gay grammar nazi! -STFU *starts punching people randomly*

So how am I supposed to fix these problems? I've been thinking of how my language would fix these problems. But check another thing out!

  • I didn't know that that isn't correct and that correct thing is that what the teacher said. -Woah woah woah. What do you mean by "that" "that" "that"?
  • "*Pounces him and licks him with his doggy tongue while he's down and he barks*" -I didn't understand a thing that this action line said

Over here, the connector "that" MUST have a different word than the pronoun "that" and the pronoun "that" must be declined!

Verbs should be conjugated with faces and pronouns should be declined with faces too. However, these ones:

  • 1st face singular
  • 2nd face singular
  • 3rd face singular
  • 1st face plural (including 1st face singular)
  • 1st face plural (excluding 1st face plural)
  • 2nd face plural
  • 3rd face plural
  • Main sub-sentence's subject face
  • Main sub-sentence's object face
  • Previous sub-sentence's subject face
  • Previous sub-sentence's object face
  • etc.......

This is very complicated. But I want my language to be like an objective oriented programming language.

Also, check this out.

  • There's a problem that isn't a problem, but looks like a problem. -Wow, your argument is invalid!

I want to assign an object called problem with a negation and say that it looks like a problem. In my brain's programming language, I'd say:

subject->look= ~= problem;

How am I supposed to translate these things into human language?


You know, not just that, but I've started forgetting lots of vocabulary words, nostalgic things, things someone told me, etc., started typing with de-synced fingers, can't pick correct words, can't make a good sentence that sounds like something unless it's something in the way I see it, can't pick correct conditional clause, can't pick between past tense and present perfect tense, getting DOuble CAps LOck letters aND iNVERTED cAPS lOCK tEXT...


For some reason, I've got this problem in communication and I need to construct a better way because these sentences that I've typed as examples happen to me a lot more than you think and they're not irrelevant or rare, but I simply want to say a lot of things and I then don't say anything or say the complete opposite.


I was thinking if this language would get so popular with excellent grammar, it would be used by a lot of internet people and that maybe once in my life I succeed to translate the Bible to the perfect context that me and people with brains alike mine can understand it without any doubts or fears or hatred or rebellion.


Would someone please help me construct a language?

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