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Art From 19th-Century Bibles and Related Items

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Edit: Alright, guys and gals, ignore the links for my first post in here. Look for them in my second post as I'm still learning how to operate the Forum.) Also ignore my mom's taste in bedding. I take most pics there because it's the brightest room. LOL.


I'd have filled here with images, but this is the max # of images allowed. 


I restore antique books, and I come across a lot of things that I want the World to see but rarely get to show. 



From this one (1870s) which is actually a long-term experiment in progress:


Sometimes, like my 1870s "Family Bible," they turn up things. Victorian%2Bitems%2Bfrom%2BBible%2B011.J

I call the above piece "Salvation."

What I love about antique Bibles over any other books I work on, other than the items they often hold and the story those can tell, is that they hold gorgeous lithographs and engravings. 



For our Catholic friends. ^ Don't shoot me, but I call it "Jesus on a cracker." 

I believe that they went Methodist when they moved states, though. 

Link to dozens of items-- including trade-card remains, "conpon," pictures and name of the family, banner, newspaper clippings, etc.:



If you want to see  what I do, then click here:



Convocation%2Band%2BPrints%2B009.JPG This would make any kid wanna learn more. This is how every Book started out in my Church's Bible-- something like this. 


Impacting scenes every several pages. 

A handful in color. 

More from the first section found here: 





More from this section: 



This is my favorite section to look through. I would love to have original prints of these framed for my collection. But it's not mine. LOL. 


My first or second favorite. ^ 


Its competition. ^



More from this section here:


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