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in awe of God...

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Sometimes, especially when I am at church I get a devine inspiration for poetry... This one was today...



I'm in awe of God

And he's in all of me,

In my soul, in my mind,

And This carbon mass you see.


He is my shield, and my sword.

He's my list of who to ward.

A guiding light

In the darkest fight,

Though trip I might,

He is there!


A constant in a world of change

A contradiction beyond our range.

Further than our limits of this age,

He is there!


Who are we, To say we be More than thee?

We have wealth and freedom only to a degree.

But when it was time to pay the fee

He was there!


When its time to move within this realm.

I am the ship, with him at the healm.

The enemy I shall overwhelm,

For he is here!


We are in awe of God

And God is in all of we

We are here

Without fear

To the end of this year

And beyond...

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