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I forgot how I made the IRC link before so I'll just post a thread on how to connect to our IRC channel.

Some rules you need to follow:

1. Do not curse and never use the LORD's name in vain. This includes acronyms.

2. Be respectful of everyone, including channel and server staff.

3. Do not Spam

4. Inappropriate or sexual behavior will not be tolerated. This includes explicit text of any kind, including nicknames.

5. Do not Post links to explicit or inappropriate content. .

6. Trolling will result in a permanent ban.

7. Do not discuss or send links to pirated material.

8. Any new bots must be approved by Adair or Norzman5 and their status must be communicated to the staff.

If IRC staff tells you not to do something, Don't do it.

The IRC staff will be held accountable for handling something poorly, but are certainly allowed to use the ability they have been given. These rules are common sense and are easily understood. Do not try and get around them.

If you're not sure about something, don't hesitate to ask. You may PM links you are not sure about for approval so long as they are not blatantly inappropriate. (That is to say, do not send the staff members to pornography websites.)

For disputes regarding abuse of power, please email Adair

Disputes including but not limited to:

"It wasn't inappropriate! it was free expression through art!"

will be ignored or otherwise handled with the submitter accordingly.

Christian Furs (This website)
Your own client (recomended)

  • irc.foxnet.in 

Channel: #christianfurs

AJAX client: Link (RECOMMENDED!!)
Other options: Please see the Foxnet chat page http://foxnet.in/chat

And that should do it.

Recommended IRC clients

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