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Hey there guys! I'm opening some commissions for some Signatures similar to mine and a Pokemon sprite group, for I can't draw for nothing. Use it in anything!


Signatures - 5.25 (Send me the image you like for me to put in there and let me know what color you want and if you want a specific font and style [e.g. Tribal, Urban, Tripy]


Signature Examples:










Pokemon Sprites: 3.25 (one trainer type, from pearl/diamond, that you like [e.g. Fisherman] + one or two of your favorite pokemon.)


Pokemon Sprite Example:


2r4lctf.jpg The background is transparent.

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Well, the signatures 5.25 looks really nice and I do not think that it needs any more modification! The Pokémon stripes 3.25 looks pretty realistic as well especially because of the fact that the background is transparent! Anyway, I wonder why the prices of the signatures of 3.25 as well as 1.25 are declining!

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