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Found 2 results

  1. Out of curiosity, how many of you here have done any conlanging before? In other words, how many of you have made up a language, be it fully developed or only partially, for whatever reason? I have several languages I am working on, though only two are far enough along to be worth mentioning. One is Taipii, a language for an indie MMORPG by Right Brain Games, since I have assisted in its development (but only assisted, as Jeff came up with it and Tettix and others have also made significant contributions). The other is one of several languages for my fantasy world. I'm still working on the transliteration of that language into English because it doesn't have all of the same phonology and clicks and ejectives pose interesting puzzles for mapping into Latinate script. But I may share some of it with you at some point. This thread should be more for talking about conlanging, sharing tips, and briefly mentioning any conlangs you have worked on. If you want to go in depth on one of your conlangs, then feel free to create a new thread for it in the Writing and Books section of the Art Cave.
  2. So Thomas Maltuin and I did a little bit of preparatory brainstorming for the collaboration idea that SalemPertaeus suggested and one of the things we realized was that we cannot get very far without everyone who is interested in being able to participate. That means we need to find a day and time when we can all get together for at least a little bit to decide on the genre and do some setting and character brainstorming. But before I get into that, allow me to go over some of what Thomas and I discussed and what each of us should prepare beforehand to make the meeting a bit smoother. First up is theme. Thomas and I thought that it would be cool for content to mirror form in that the theme be something to do with a group of people coming together. Ideas we tossed back and forth were harmony, reconciliation, and teamwork. Please try to think about those and decide if you like one of them as a theme or would rather have a different theme. Next is genre. We tentatively decided to go with fantasy as the genre because it is a genre we both liked writing in. However, this isn't set in stone as we want to make sure that the genre of the story is one that everyone who will be collaborating is comfortable with. So please come prepared to discuss our favorite genres in hopes of finding one we all like. Finally we talked about characters. The two of us made rough sketches of two characters that could be used in basically any setting or genre (with some tweaking). So please come up with at least a species, profession, and whether they are male or female. You can do more, but that is the minimum. Thomas came up with a male lynx (or was it ocelot?) hunter and I came up with a female fox city guard. While we are doing this for fun, this is a project that you should be willing to spare a few hours a week for. I doubt that we will meet weekly, but it is important for everyone to do a little writing each week. Granted, if work/school/illness/etc. is making life particularly stressful/busy/hectic/overwhelming I'm sure we all will understand and cut you some slack. Does the evening of the 6th of January work for a meeting time? We'll need to coordinate the exact time based upon timezones, but does that day work for all of us? As far as meeting place goes, I think Skype is a good choice because it is a fairly common program and allows us to do both voice and text chat. Does anyone have an objection to that? People whom it would be good to hear from: Salem--this was your idea, so being able to meet with you is key. Thomas--you are very gung-ho about this project, so it is key to make sure the meeting works for you JollyRancher--you expressed interest, so it would be good to know if this is still something you would like to do Zvoc--you also expressed interest, so do you still want to do this and how do we schedule things to accommodate your timezone? SleepySchizo--you, too, expressed interest, so let us know if you want to still be involved Myself--future Direlda, please get me a calendar with all of my other responsibilities written out so that I can better make schedule plans. And wibbley-wobbley it to yesterday if you can.
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