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Found 1 result

  1. This was inspired last night. I won't do a daily prayer like the Bible Reading, but occasionally to make this forum come alive will I do prayers that can indeed be prayed. You don't gotta say this or close your eyes or clasp your hands. But if you're broken too, pray to the One who mends. God, I cannot do this alone. I hurt, so badly. I really need You, because I've made a mess of things and don't know how to fix them. Can they even be fixed? Please, God, what do I do? I'm crying out to You now just as the Bible says, but what now? I just want to cry and breakdown. I want to sleep and not wake. Do you even hear me? You say You do, but do I hear You anymore? I don't know.... You seem so far away and... I just need you now.... Please, Lord.... I know You love me, and You know I love you even when I'm angry and feeling hurt, but.... I just... I don't know, God. You say You want me, but why? Why do you even care about me? Look what I've done. Look what I've thrown away. Look at how far I've run and how I always push You away. Look! I didn't listen. I did as I wanted and got myself here, but now I can't get myself back. Is this where I'm stuck to die? Or is this like they say: It's where I begin. What do You want me to do? I am pretty sure my friends hate me, my family doesn't want me, and everyone will leave me because I'm so messed up. I'm trying not to breakdown, God. I need strength. I need encouragement. I need love. I.... I need You and want You back but don't wanna run again. Will you take me back, God? You say You always forgive, but can You forgive me? Can You still use me for good? You actually still.... love... me? I love You, God. I want to be okay, now. I want to stop messing things up and finally get it right. Can you fix these broken pieces and make beauty? I trust You, Lord. But will You trust me now? Can You... please... answer....
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