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  1. Well done, this is a cutie! I would like to see this from a head-on view, if you can to get a better idea of what it looks like. I like the bangs, though. I always prefer to make bangs out of fur, though it looks better. Wigs look strange on fursuits >_< Well done on the earring!
  2. Well, I can say, I'm used to being cute and cuddly and having positive feedback .Tusken was not as well accepted by the kiddies as I would have liked but she is a rather intimidating and off-putting suit. She's a werewolf and she looks and acts like one. We had a blast though, regardless and I managed to win some hearts over with some dancing and cutesy stuff. Who knew a werewolf was capable of changing minds with her werewolf-looks? The king of rens faire loved us and his royal subjects as well. My friend and I even inspired someone to join the furry fandom with our antics, which was really endearing. A lot of people were scared of us, but they wanted pictures still, all the same, which I found amusing. At one point one woman didn't want me to wrap my arm around her, but she still wanted a picture. Which was fine with me. I just find it funny when someone is scared, but its like they're fascinated all the same so they still want a picture. We went with a new fur I helped out, with building their costume. She has a lot to learn of performing in public. We caught her doing things you don't do while in suit that can scare people or turn people off. But its not entirely her fault, we failed to give her a quick run through of what to do and what not to do while in suit. She's very touchy-feely, and its just not okay. She wasn't doing anything that would be touch inappropriate, but she was approaching people for hugs and children to, without letting them come to her first which is a no. So, my friend and I ended up babysitting her. We didn't have any real fun until the second weekend we went, which was the best out of the two days we went. Overall, we had a blast. It was a bit off putting not to be accepted like I had been as "cute" but it was a great exercise to try to convince people I was friendly and harmless.
  3. It probably ran me about 200 dollars or so, maybe a teeny weeny bit more. I had money saved up though. Now, I'm broke, lol!
  4. I think it has character! Its a cute one, I must say. I think you're doing fine. I know a lot of people are legalistic when it comes to animal-species-accurate shapes and profiles, but I've also been told, "Its what works for you." So, since this is a toony mask, I think this works and its just fine. Too many people can be biased in the building community and even some of the professional builders have styles that aren't technically accurate for the species they build, lol, so who can tell you something doesn't look completely spot on? Keep it up can't wait to see more!
  5. Tusken is completely finished now and she had her first photoshoot. I got some feedback from the livejournal community on some things that could be better about her. She was an experimental suit just as much as a new experience, entirely. I'm content with how she is, but I'm going to try to make her even better! My next costume will be another wolf-man. More of a wolf-man, than a werewolf and its for a starwars costuming group I'm part of. Total, coming up, I'll own three werewolf suits. Its weird. My favorite animals are horses and cats. I like all animals, but I have no cat concept sketched up, nor a particular horse fursuit sketched up. Hm...weird.
  6. They have tutorials and such on how to make one of these, which is how I made my first one. This is my 5th head, but my third fullsuit I've made. If you'd like some websites with turtorials, I can go fetch a few Livejournal's Fursuit community is a great place to go for getting tutorials, asking questions and getting help, even from the professional builders.
  7. Her head is finished! Its a bit fluffy or rounded and fat, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem! I'm going to go with it and see what happens!
  8. Ehhh, I wouldn't wear a collar in person. Collars are strictly reserved for my characters(Fursuits). But I do like the idea of wearing a dog collar, I'm just a bit skeptical if that's okay or not, lol. I think a necklace makes more sense because its a human thing, but that's my two cents :3
  9. I posted months ago, but finally, this is Tusken's OFFICIAL time to shine as I work on her, specifically for Kansas City Rens faire, this fall. Some con friends are coming over from St. Louie to visit and go to the fest with me. A werewolf and steampunk lady will be accompanying me to create our interesting fellowship! A VIDEO OF TUSKEN IN ACTION
  10. Okay, I've been having no success all night. Yes, I get my new password and when I go to type it in to change it, it tells me my current password isn't correct. I've repeated the forgot password at least four times now. What am I doing wrong? This is really getting on my nerves and I can't figure out why something so simple, isn't working for me.
  11. Working more on this gal today. My aunt says she's going to pay a visit to walmart later this week and she wants Snow to come with. Woot! I'm thankful for one family member that doesn't mind me being weird around her general vicinity, lol! Snow's ears need to be done, the back of the head needs to be sewn to the forelock Snow has. That's pretty much all that needs to be done for the rest of the head. Next, claws need to be put on the paw-paws, feet made, and her legs furred. I'm going to have a friend help me duct tape her legs. She has a tail all ready. Just legs and feet and she'll be complete!
  12. Have the upper body and the sleeves done!
  13. This video is a little bit older, but I hadn't realized I hadn't posted it yet, so here it is. Here's my concept art for her. Tusken is my "Wow" Suit for rens fest this fall. Saw the attention a fullsuit soaked up and I'm gungho for a fullsuit from here on out that can be switched back and forth between a partial. It's going to be great! I'm still working on Tusken's character. I seem to have trouble knowing what i want for my fursuit characters, but I'm working on it. Standing in front of the mirror and acting all werewolfish for a few months should help me figure out if she's very intelligent, feral, animus, curious, or grouchy. I haven't decided yet. I am leaning towards the traditional werewolf expectations the general public has, though. For her role at the fest I don't know if she'll be independent or a "companion/pet" with someone else I attend. I have no clue. Our fellowship is going to be mixed. I also liked the positive reaction from children last year, but with this suit, I kind of want to act a little bit unapproachable, but I don't like the idea of scaring kids. Saw some kids last year that nearly defecated bricks because they were so scared. Poor things. So this suit might be more for the adult audience, all though if it's a fuzzy animal, some kids hug because it's an animal, even if it's crazy, rabid, or realistic-looking. We train our kids to like animals and stuffed animals a like. It might not be so bad. Sorry, I type a lot, lol. I just enjoy sharing my ideas. I must say, she's pretty close to my concept art, actually. I think I might have a knack for getting stuff to look identical. Have to make a few more heads based off of my concept art to the letter to see if I'm good at that.
  14. Well, I wanted to sell this guy and I built him to do just that, but too many people waved me down from selling him because there was just too much stuff wrong with him. I was very upset because I needed the money he would bring in so I could finish a personal suit for a con, but I have learned that being a novice, you don't really have any business selling anything. So, with that said, I stopped advertising him and he'll be kept for my own enjoyment. Maybe later, when I can bring myself to do it, I'll strip his cute face and sell his head base. From now on, I'll just sell head bases and stick with that until I know how to make a perfect head to sell and enough money to make a head the right way. As for my tauntaun suit and the upcoming cons I have planned, I managed to scrounge up enough money to get done what I needed to get done, though, so it's not so bad anymore.
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