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  1. Korro-Sama

    Okay... not really new... but I'm back!

    I feel so welcomed! Thanks, guys! Kinda can't remember what I do, though.
  2. Korro-Sama

    Okay... not really new... but I'm back!

    I was the first member here other than Flech. He asked me to make a banner. I did.
  3. Korro-Sama

    Okay... not really new... but I'm back!

    Umm... Flech? YOu seriously don't remember me?
  4. Well guys, I'm back with a vengeance. For those of you who don't remember me, I don't blame you, but... Well, I'm gonna try to be here for a bit longer this time. (I made one of the banners you see in the top left hand corner) I refound this place searching for a good Furry Minecraft Server (google got me here), and so... I'll be here!
  5. Korro-Sama

    Hey, I'm an artist! X3

    That's the way you look? I envy you... so much... you have no idea.... and again, that's good art! Keep it up!
  6. Korro-Sama

    Hey, I'm an artist! X3

    Very nicely done. I like your style.
  7. Korro-Sama

    Hey, I'm an artist! X3

    YOU HAS SKILLS OF AN ARTIST! But I cannot see any images but the first one (which btw is awesome).
  8. Korro-Sama

    I draw art

    Oh, you are hosting on DA? Gardratit.... That would explain it. My dad blocked DA. I gotta convince him to slacken his firewall.
  9. Korro-Sama

    I draw art

    I can't see ANY of these pictures. What is going wrong?
  10. Korro-Sama

    Nameless RPG in the Works

    Ooh! Ooh! I CAN HELP! PICK ME!
  11. Korro-Sama

    I draw art

    I dont' see any pics. Where are they?
  12. Korro-Sama

    Songs currently on your mind

    Poker Face... the worst yet most addictive song ever... possibly... or maybe I forgot the most addictive song due to how traumatizingly addictive it was...
  13. Korro-Sama

    Commisson from Razi [compeated]

    That is amazing. I wish I could draw as nicely as that. Two thumbs up!
  14. Korro-Sama

    To those that wear collars

    I will be a collar wearer soon, as my girlfriend purchased me one. I'm psyched. It's supposedly a really good one. I'll probably wear it to sleep, but I wear my crucifix to bed as well, so my story is different from yours, Flech. It's one that is actually meant for humans, so it SHOULD be super comfy.
  15. Korro-Sama


    AMEN. I've come to know these ropeholders now more than ever before. Praise God!