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  1. JeffCore

    Direlda Is Published!

    Someone I know is getting an order from FurPlanet, so, I'm piggy-backing on their order to get a copy
  2. JeffCore

    Direlda Is Published!

    Congrats! Any Canadian sellers for the book?
  3. JeffCore

    Looking to get a new computer.

    Next month Windows 8 comes out; so, if that's something that interests you, you should likely hold off on buying it until then. In the mean time, you can run a Windows 7/8 trial or the Windows 8 consumer preview for free until you purchase it. I've used Windows 8 and although some things take getting used to, it is manageable, and it also doesn't have the 7-editions-hell that Windows 7 does.
  4. JeffCore

    Looking to get a new computer.

    8TB of HDD storage attached to that
  5. JeffCore

    Looking to get a new computer.

    Hey, an FM1! Here's what I ended up building last month for my HTPC running beside me (some non-required extras are on here I added) if you'd care to compare, http://cdn.podhurl.com/image/2j0J1S1u1L01 , I've loved the build; but, I haven't been gaming on it, yet I would question using a FM1 motherboard/processor when you're using a discrete graphics card tho -- I'd rather use a 6/8-core processor with an AM3 socket in that scenario. Any pluses to using the FM1 socket?
  6. JeffCore

    Looking to get a new computer.

    You're going to be better off home-building than buying something from off of eBay. Plus you get the sanctification of putting it together yourself and using the parts you want. I would never use less than a quad-core processor for a gaming PC, either.
  7. JeffCore

    Hello from Knoxville, TN

    Yay, more Tennessee furs! Does your accent twang? I need to know *glomps*
  8. JeffCore

    Looking to get a new computer.

    Yeah, I built a computer that should handle both of those for $340 last month; but, it wouldn't leave a lot of breathing room. I'm usually not comfortable building what I consider a "future-proof" PC for under $700, namely because I like to do things like boot the system from an SSD and max out RAM out of the gate.
  9. JeffCore

    Looking to get a new computer.

    What kind of games would you be looking to play? I'll be honest, a PC in that price range is hard to build.
  10. JeffCore

    Looking to get a new computer.

    $400, is that your pricerange?
  11. JeffCore

    New here

    Welcome! Are you a Christian? I couldn't tell from your description (just teasin )
  12. JeffCore

    Team Fortress 2

    We used to have quite a TF2 group here, including our own server. I still have some friends to play with, although none of them are from here.
  13. JeffCore


    /me tailwaves
  14. JeffCore

    Thermal vest for fursuites?

    Make it; see how much it really costs and how well it really works. You've kinda said, "who'd like free power?" It not good as a theory, show it can be done.
  15. JeffCore


    Salute! *ear-nibbles*