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  1. Nice to have another 14-year-old! I'm Jake, the Jackal around these parts. Nice to meet you PS - We seem to share some interests as well. What kind of airsoft guns do you have, and what kin of stuff do you program?
  2. So welcome! Glad to have you! Yayz!
  3. Many, many musicians here =3
  4. Many welcomes! Nice to have another Jacob! *Uber glomps* Also, epic avatar!
  5. Welcome! We have a form for new members, so we can get to know you better. Do you think you could fill it out? Here's the link: http://christianfurs.net/thread-367.html Thanks Wait, now I'm confuzzled. I clicked "Meow!" and I forgot that it goes to the most recent post. Sorry >.< I thought you're most recent post was the first. Welcome to CF! Glad to have you!
  6. I love cats >.> *Uber glomps* Welcome to CF! Glad to have you
  7. I'm honored to be the first to say hi to you! *Uber glomp(s)* Welcome to CF, glad to have you! I've noticed that many people here joined CF as a sanctuary from mainstream furry fandom, and a place to meet other Christian furs. That's why I'm here
  8. A very elaborate schedule indeed! I'm partly jealous, partly glad that I have more of a life outside of the net (or maybe just less of one on the net ).
  9. Why do Texans have so many 3-letter words that are capitalized?! Anyways, welcomes. Glad to have you.
  10. Jackal


    Very welcome, Mr. Ziggy! *uber glomps* Welcome to CF! */\_/\ (^☻^)
  11. Ohaider Mr. Foxx! Glad to haves someone that is around mah age (14)! *Uber glomp* Anyways, welcome to CF, glad to have ya'!
  12. Yeah, I go to Facebook, then ROBLOX, then deviantART, then Email, and I top it off with Christian Furs
  13. I have a routine when I go online
  14. "A little of both, but more of neither." That is the most brilliant thing I've ever heard! Anyways, welcome to CF, glad to have you Mr. Coyote! Permission for glomps?
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