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Salutations Furiends!

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Real name: Jacob (I prefer not to specify my last name online)


Other names: Jacobi, Kid, Jackal, Jake, Smart Kid, JFC3


About your fursona: My fursona is a golden jackal, with dark brown (almost black) hair in a somewhat spikey fashion between the ears. Also wears a black T-shirt with an olive-green harness on his chest, carrying 2 grenades, a handgun, and an ID tag. Ripped baggy jeans, skater-style shoes, brown leather gloves without the fingers on them (so you can see his fingers), a sniper rifle, a red bandana tied around the neck, and occassionally sunglasses on. He's a bounty hunter.


Age: (I don't prefer to specify my age online)


Gender: male


Location: Michigan, USA


Email: (not my e-mail, it's my moms)




Web site(s):


Artist/Writer: Artist


Style: Pencil sketches and paint.NET on the computer


Been to any cons: I wish...


Fav. music: Christian contemporary rock, a little punk rock. Bands like switchfoot and skillet I like.


Likes: Jackals, drawing, furries


Dislikes: Jackal-haters, people who don't like my drawings and remind me constantly, furry-haters


Church Denomination: Penticostal (Assemblies of God)


Anything else: Airsofting, collecting army things

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Many welcomes! ^^


/me bows in greeting


Now then, would you like a cup of tea? It goes well with a bit of hard boiled chaos...

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Oh, Tracer, I forgot to mension. My sniper, it's a .50 cal with infrared scope, custom incendiary rounds or normal rounds, depending on the mission =D


Also armed with dual .50 cal Deagles, also with incendiaries. A machette also adourns m' back.

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Wait!! Hold on brah!!! I got to give you some Willie Petes!!!!! Don't forget the 408 intervention and backup.445 colt!


*unloads a truckfull of grenades*



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