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Found 1 result

  1. I'm writing to ask for some prayer for comfort, spiritual encouragement, joy, and love. Every once in a while, I will see something so astounding that it fills me with a false joy. This false joy can be so strong that a bounce back to reality feels more like falling of a clif and bouncing off a boulder(been there literally). I'm a huge fan of the Vocaloids and off shoots. This morning, I was looking around for vids that featured the Miku Miku Dance rigs, songs, and great dances. Instead, I ventured off to see what Miku(a vocaloid member) did to open for a concert for Lady Gaga. One great vid of live performances by Vocaloid after another and then I came to a capture of the 2013 Niconico Party Cho. A half hour of goose bumps and heart throbs later, I sooo wished that I could've experienced something so epic as that concert party that it was massively depressing to realize where I am now... Sitting at a computer, before my work shift begins. That land of 3D figures, heart throb singing, moving speaker sounds, crowds with light sticks... it's nowhere near my reality. And it hurts so much. I know that there will be better in Heaven, but I can't imagine that there will be Niconico concerts singing of human experiences. I know that it will be more like a great Third Day worship concert... but I can't get Miku out of my heart right now where God belongs. Please pray anything for me. My heart is in a lot of turmoil. Thanks and Jah bless!
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