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  1. Also, If Zvoc ever figured out how to make PC videogames, I would enjoy a recreational non-profit Crash Bandicoot puzzle game in his art style as a christmas present if it's allowed where he's at...
  2. I'm going to draw a more detailed version of my Bandicoot-Rat character so you can draw me too... Albiet a stingy-know-it-all crush-crazed Bandicoot-Rat Hybrid... First off, I neither have hyper intellegence nor traits of either Bandicoots or Rats, but he's my videogame OC and he does resemble my selfishness, (Although, I would never pretend to kidnap Crash Bandicoot just to invite Coco Bandicoot to a tea party)
  3. Yeah, their mating season isn't very interesting to non sciencey people.. It pretty much is asexual. -edited for unarousing details-they also have berries and leaves, mostly growing from their antlers. @Admin -feel free to edit this, I'm pretty sure discussing spores is safe and unarousing though
  4. ouch.. i din't know that many people who can afford xbox live
  5. cool, I'm undecided on my fursona as well...
  6. Hehh, I'd be happy to help, I've been practicing and came up with a new species, "plantalope"
  7. Hi Pharlim, I'm happy to meet you, I'm hoping to get to talk to you sometime, also, I can draw well, assuming you can describe the character. I don't draw certain things, I can't even draw hugs (I wish I xould draw hugs, the one thing I'm comfortable drawing is huggles and fights and I can't draw arms wrapping around characters) but I am excellent at designing clothing and assorted body types, (hefty is difficult for me to draw, actually aside from that, I'm good at unique facial structures and hair, as well as fur patterns) I can show you my art styles later and you can decide if you want me to draw, I can give you a few pointers on simple cartoon art styles (similar to adventure time, Powerpuff Girls, regular show, and Pucca) as well as more detailed pointers. But if you don't want tips, I can just post pictures of the various stages of drawing a lion/tiger, shoot i forgot which species you are already.. I'm sorry I ramble, this really should be a pm.
  8. Sold!! I'll pm you for shipping details Don't worry, I'll also cover shipping costs if it's under $9.
  9. NarnianKnight


    I'd like to read the fanfiction, provided it's not sour, if you know what i mean?
  10. Nintendo has a recycling program where they'll give you about $20 rebate when you purchase a New Nintendo 3DS XL from them after sending in an old or broken system from previous generations, they currently only do this with the DS and Wii family (Wii in exchange for a Wii U) anyways, It would be nice if I could get my brother a DS to play his DS games, at least until I can afford him a system with a larger screen, and we could trade systems if I start having having online problems. but honestly it would have to be $40 or under for me to buy it used, (in part, this is including shipping)
  11. for some reason, server had made kiwiirc not work, another website was in it's place, a blog, and the user said the reason that kiwiirc is down is because they don't use it... so it seems weird
  12. but I'm planning on buying silicone safe glow paint and a bunch of wii remote jackets so I can sell them.
  13. or give it to my brother, but good thinking! now that I think about It I can buy a few refurbished 2DS systems and sell them for $80 each, making a $20 profit on the console.
  14. okay, good plan, I just won't use it at home, I use it at the Library...
  15. I have an issue, my 2DS repair label expires in February, next month I'm thinking about repairing my 2DS, but do not Know if I should because I have an... "Internet History" with my portable devices. I could ask my brother to enter a random password in my parental controls, possibly one that he does not pay attention to and forgets. At least until I clear my head and heart of anything bad. So, I'd like to get another opinion on what I should do about my system repair.
  16. Nintendo has a Minecraft server on Wii U, but they may actually put somewhat of a hold on religion as a topic of discussion there... honestly I don't know if Nintendo is going to be any help... But expect to see Starfox skins in the future
  17. hehh awesome! Honestly I hope the Next Xenoblade Chronicles waits until near the end of the NX's life cycle, being released on both the NX and the newer system except for possibly an HD remake of the first Xenoblade. I might try Xenoblade Chronicles X, I think that Nintendo was more careful not to create too many parts in the game that would be edited heavily upon Western release this time around. But I'm sure dialogue has been edited.
  18. they would need a system update for that, since they usually remove potentially fatal glitches that have nothing to do with actual gameplay, along with a few translation error edits in Super Mario 64, and Jynx's Sprite in Pokemon Snap. The DragonWarrior games in the NES VC actually use the Gameboy color translation.
  19. G/SC had error messages, R/B/Y did not, they will probably allow you to reset via restore point or restart the game even if the game crashes. If not, you could always redownload the game.
  20. they will probably add a failsafe that prevents the system from crashing though
  21. I tried, the glitch is not in yellow, but I'm sure nintendo is either keeping the glitch, or doing Mew distributions at gamestop
  22. so, I can copy an infinite amount of Mewtwo with my friend, sweet!!!!
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