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  1. Welcome. Christ centered furries is the only good fallback for a furry in this world
  2. Welcome, bro. There's a great community here
  3. shilshadu

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    pretty cool dude. I like the Trance one. I love making beats/productions. May post one someday
  4. Howdy from the east coast of America! I have friends from Africa, and I think one's from South Africa too. It's awesome to see a brother in Christ from overseas have a shared interest in furs. Nice to meet you If you ever need encouragement or want to discuss scriptures feel free to message me anytime. -Shilshadu
  5. I don't think "Midol" was what Lewis had in mind. LOL :-P
  6. oooh me gusta. I'm a writer myself and am currently learning how to workshop/edit at a University. I would love to read/help in any way I can
  7. Welcome to the Community ~shilshadu
  8. Oooh mlp style. Me gusta Since i'm commenting I guess I'll post something of mine let me know what you think. Open the attachment to see btw
  9. Thanks everyone! I like it here. I love God's people. And if anyone ever needed advice or encouragement, feel free to contact/message me
  10. o.O Not sure what to say at this I would avoid midol from now on. It's packed with caffeine on top of pain killer so... there's your problem
  11. You've gone by "Requiem"? :0 I used to be known as Requiem for a long time (not on this site). LOL welcome to the Requiem brotherhood. And welcome to the site. It's awesome and filled with brothers and sisters in Christ ~shilshadu
  12. Hello all, I am Shilshadu. I am in college and discovered a love for anthropomorphics in high school. Unfortunately I sought the wrong things within the culture for a long time, and it wasn't until last summer I got serious about faith. A little divine intervention later and here I am, discovering that God's grace in giving me my passion back minus the mess. Go God!
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