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  1. Thank you everybody for welcoming me! If you're interested to join our community project, check it out in the General Chat section. It's open to every creative fur or scale.
  2. Thank you all for welcoming me! ^w^ I am Christian too, although I have my own view about it. But it's great to see other Christian furries. I have published a thread about the community project I'm currently working on, you can find it at the link below: http://christianfurs.net/topic/8266-planet-nakti-a-community-built-anthro-universe/ Let me know if anyone of you might be interested to join me and my team in this project.
  3. Hello (or better to say "Tay'Rat" in Abunese language!) everyone! People call me "VPN". I'm a long-time anthro artist and writer. I hope to find new friends here and mostly important new creative pals, for a large community project I'd like to work on. Until then, Ny'Hath, which means "safe paths" in Abunese language.
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