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  1. Wow, it has been forever since i posted anything, so her ears a few pictures i've done on an app called "Sketch Club" the names are as follows: "Dreaming Of Ember", "Ember On The Savana", and "Ember Hanging Around"
  2. Hello and welcome! Im in the same boat, I, a few years back, found out that there was a group of people that liked the same thing as me and were identified as Furries. So.... Welcome! I pray you will feel right at home here!
  3. Have you ever made a first out of yarn? or only faux fur? i am making mine out of brushed out yarn.
  4. Greetings! I am Ember the Tiger. I am an artist and i have my own post here on CF for my personal art. and i do free art for people as well. and i am currently working on my first fursuit. I also will take prayer requests and me and my hubby Moose will keep it in prayer. (Moose is not a furry but it is his nickname and he lets me depict him as one in my art.)
  5. Nice Job! I love balloons! My uncle does balloons for a profession. He even did balloons for my wedding.
  6. i used to play the video game of darkling duck.
  7. You are really good, and for a first attempt that's pretty good. and I love Darkwing Duck, he is one of my fav.
  8. I have not tried to draw Looney Tunes as of yet...
  9. beautiful sketch! very well done! I love a good classical drawing!
  10. We are generally quite friendly here, in a matter of fact I have not come across anyone who isn't friendly as of yet. You don't have to be good at art to enjoy it. If you do however like to see any of the art that I post I do have a forum post called "Sharing Art of all Kinds" it is located in "Visual Arts" I keep all of my arts there instead of posting new Forum Posts. I update frequently.
  11. This is an image that I created to show the stages of life of a furry by using my fursona as a model.
  12. Greetings! I'm slightly late for the greetings but that's the story of collage life... If you like art(paintings or digital) I'm up for talking or showing it. And I have an RP going here if you like that sort of thing. And lastly but most importantly if you have a prayer request then me and my moose (husband) will keep you in our prayers. Again, welcome to CF, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  13. i like it, but i absolutely loved the explosion at the end. lol
  14. Hello fellow tiger, i am not a white tiger but i have white and black stripes i love the Japanese samurai.... Just saying
  15. Here is an updated picture
  16. Thank you for your critiquing, yes it is layers but I can only have so many layers due to it is photoshop touch, which is less sophisticated than the original photoshop. I can edit the background but it will be difficult... But I will try to do so and improve the picture. Ps: the scales on the dragon are hand done by drawing scale like lines, (you can see an example in the previous dragon that I created). But there is a tool called stamp that I can pretty much copy and paste the scales (this is where layers are super handy). But I still need to personally edit most of the scales by hand which can be a pain.
  17. Greeting r2 packrat! Welcome to CF! Don't worry I don't bite but I may chase you around when you scurry.
  18. Thanks what do you like best about my art? I like criticism, advice and details
  19. Thanks it took me a few days to make this, putting the scales on the dragon nearly drove me crazy untill I realized there was an easier way :|
  20. Another pic of me having conversation back in time.
  21. I agree, this is cool. :3
  22. Just put up some more art! Check it out! :3

  23. Here is a more accurate version of me as Ember (with all my extra pounds).
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