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  1. Thank you sirs and ma'ams. I appreciate it, even though I was/will be out frequently. Pleasure to meet you.
  2. Won't be found for a while. That's all. I was stupid and foolish.

  3. Howdy back to you. And thank you. *Hugs back.* Thank you. Heh.
  4. Hello. *Accepts the snack offer.*
  5. Thanks. *Is pounced, tackledhugged and tackledhugsnuggled. Hugs back.*
  6. *Becomes invisible and watches you in the shadow.*
  7. Real name: Other names: ISFoxMkloud About your fursona: I have about 7 forms currently. Arctic fox (feral and anthro), Corsac fox (feral and anthro), Wolf-fox (or Wolfox, again, feral and anthro), Dragon (size will depend upon my mood, feral only, anthro dragons are not exactly my taste.) Age: 23 Gender: Male Location: Ohio, the United States of America. Might change, if things don't go well. Email: PM me if you want my email for some reason. IM: Skype (Again, PM me, if you are interested) Web site(s): http://www.furaffinity.net/user/isfoxmkloud/ https://inkbunny.net/ISFoxMkloud Artist/Writer: Artist, Writer in my head. Style: Generic. I do sport cap or some sort of hat all the time. Hoodie if I can't get a hat. Oh and in case this is different, I like realism in everything. Been to any cons: Never been one, I doubt I ever will. Fav. music: Christian Metal would be my go to genre any day. Likes: Foxes, wolves, games, music, really well done art, honesty, military history stuffs, order and structure. Dislikes: The theory of evolution, badly done art, badly done music, badly made games and DLCs, dishonesty. Church Denomination: Baptist by origin, but I advocate that the Bible should be the only guide we should follow, do not add to it or subtract to it for the sake of convenience. Additional Information: Been told I am socially awkward, so be aware of that. I am introverted and I am very shy, or so I've been told. I will try my best to follow God's words and stuff. If you need me for anything for any reason, poke me, I will try my best and step out of the stalking mode. Oh, and I could be insensitive at times, also be aware of that. What else... my favorite colors are: black, purple, yellow and white. And... what else... Games I play frequently are: Battlefield 4 ArmA 3 Banished Left 4 Dead 2 (Not the favorite game, but I do have to play this as part of a team or just to do something with friends) There can be more, but at the moment, those are the only games I play quite frequently. If you want to play any of those with me, you are welcome to join. This is all I can think of at this moment. More will come as we get to know each other. Thanks, and peace be with you.
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