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  1. Chakram

    Minecraft Server

    Okey dokey Havent played minecraft or any other game in forever. Been too busy with art
  2. Chakram

    Norzman5 Art

    I hope you can do kittens. :3
  3. Welcome to the party, I'm just a wee little kitten that draws cute stuff And one more thing: I absolutely love abyssinians
  4. Download link? This is great
  5. I randomly changed the commission type because the full-body ones are taking way too long v_v
  6. I am really impressed, how long have you been doing this?
  7. Am I too cute for you?

  8. Chakram

    Minecraft Server

    Snowball784 I might come but i have been busy lately
  9. That actually sounds like a fabulous idea, but I am currently working on my pile of requests. I can do that later :3
  10. What kinds of files are those? I never heard of those before.
  11. Really really nice. What program did you use?
  12. Really awesome. How much did this cost to make?
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