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  1. Any news on the Ren fest feedback yet? Rythe is indeed quite sinister-looking. I just signed into CF to see what's going on - I recognize your character from some art on Deviantart, I think. I'm curious to hear what the public reaction was when you went to the festivals.
  2. There's a difference, as I've seen Lilleah West type about how this fur or that fur were good for different things, how some was okay for capes and others were not okay for stretching or wear-prone areas. Some didn't take to airbrushing as well as others. So I guess you might want to see if you can identify a list of different mannufacturers and then look to see if any of them are listed when you go shop.
  3. Same ol' me, still around!
  4. Hello, I couldn't figure out how to log on anymore. Wolvy isn't working - and wherever it's sending the email, it isn't ending up in any of my email boxes. So it's easier just to start out with a new name - New name, Same ol' me. -Tycho Aussie
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