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  1. I know FA is jam packed with people who you could commission online, but I myself struggle with buying the frivelous, and buying furry gear might just leave me broke so I don't recommend it for the faint of heart (in the spending realm, that is), because there's LOTS of options out there, but I'd recommend FA.
  2. Go for it! This will be in my prayers.
  3. Sure! That's one of my favorite songs, actually! I just have to buy it first, which, well, I don't know when I can do that, but in the meantime I'll be doing 'cities on our knees' by toby.
  4. Well, if anything, I'll need to wait awhile before anything more can happen. In the meantime, I'll still do non-suit choreography. I have a youtube account now, so I'll post stuff there.
  5. I deleted my Vimeo account, Spheniscine, sorry. Orpheus, it's good to know you can asnwer my questions, I'll make sure to ask if I have any! There was a big problem with my costume idea. I talked to another person who has the same head i want, and she said it's hard to see out of. That presents a problem for me, because I have sight problems anyway, so I'm not sure I'll be able to suit up at all. I'm out of options. So, I'm guessing maybe my part in the fursuit ministry may be over, possibly. I will continue to do choreography videos, and maybe it'll influence some of you guys that expressed an interest in choreography as a ministry tool!
  6. I disabled the account. Sorry, I haven't kept my info on this thread and my Coreography post the same. Check out that thread instead Direlda.
  7. Thanks! I'll have to try it sometime!
  8. I'm really sorry, but, has anyone watched the vid yet?
  9. So I guess that's a like! YESS!!! *napoleon dinomite style hurrah*
  10. How do you get on IRC? I couldn't find out how to get in there! I'd really like to know, seeing that's where all the cool people hang out.
  11. I've temporarily joined vimeo.com to post my coreography video! Whomever wants to comment can do so (I'd prefer that you comment on this page)! The song is Fireflies by Owl City. If you like it, great! If not, no biggy. I'm still gonna' make a fursuit, regardless. It's ready!
  12. Ha! Right, it does sound like 'cool' when said as is. Didn't see that *sweat drop* O.k., I'll get to work then. I'll post the videos on Furtube when I have time. Didn't you just say 'bro'?! XD I've finally decided what my suit would be. It'd be Clyde, and I'd be dressed like this: Because I'd much rather wear tight clothes painted to look like my character than a big bulky hot suit, I'll be wearing tight black gloves, a tight long-sleeved shirt (with black spots), jeans and shoes (maybe a t-shirt, depending on the weather), a white yarn tail and head (the head will have to be done by someone). I got the idea from tiggyworkz, whom you can find on FA. He had a really neat idea with tights and tight clothes painted to look like his fur, then just wear a tail and head. If I encounter any of the clothes required, I'll post pictures. It may take awhile for all of this to happen, but I'll still keep building my dance repetoire and doing coreography in the meantime.
  13. Well, i could do non-suited coreography in the meantime for you guys, if that'd be o.k.
  14. Oh goody! I'll find a way to suit up (whether be a mask or some other way that I can breathe without a fursuit) and I'll get started! Please allow two to three years for the costume, but I can still come up with moves that'll be ready when the suit comes!
  15. Yeah. Sorry if I didn't make it clear, but the dancing I know is freestyle, mostly. Though, for hand-motions, if the song said 'you would not believe your eyes' like in Fireflies by Owl City, I'd point to the camera for 'you', 'would not' would be indicated with waving my hands together in a 'no' formation, 'your', pointing back to the camera, 'eyes' point to my eyes, etc. Nothing flashy.
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