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  1. I am promoting a colaberation that i think is worth all of your time, of course i do know the people in it, but, i do readily enjoy thier aranged sounds of a whisical, and electronic nature. Electronic band: Free Balloons. (I must stress that they are free not in price, but in spirit and nature) Find them at Facebook! Or on Soundcloud. Free Balloons would like your feed back on the FB page, and here as well. Thanks. Stay toasty.
  2. all you have to do is go to the main page, and its so easy, you cant miss the sighn up. I see your allready on Kat! all you have to do is go to the main page, and its so easy, you cant miss the sighn up. I see your allready on Kat!
  3. Is anyone intrested? we have a great staff!
  4. Galm Team


  5. LikeGoogle.com LikeGoogle.com We are a fully dedicated Minecraft Multi-Player server. Our server has multiple worlds ranging from creative free-build, to PVP fight arenas. Of course we impliment several types of grief prevention, including block and area ownership. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have. We are not a home computer server, we are a full-fledged & dedicated to hosting Minecraft 24/7* server! -3.5GHZ Processor -3GB RAM Dedicated to Minecraft -100mbit @ 9MB/s Network Connection -Redundant Connections , Firewalls, and Switches -Automatically backed every 4 hours -Public Archives available for download (Maps & Logs) -CentOS 5 Unix Distro (64 bit) ******White List Info****** To get on the white list is quite simple and free you just need to confirm that you have read the rules on our website, and then you will be added to the white list! This can be done in 3 minutes on our website. (http://likegoogle.com) ******Online Community****** Along with information on our website, we also have a small social community, along with a player directory and private messaging. ******LIVE Maps****** This is something that we are very happy about-- We now have live maps that you can use to see what our maps are like! Powered by Dynmap! ******Ban Appeal****** Banned? What to play with us again? Just go to: LikeGoogle.com/about/ban-appeal/ ****Single Player Archives**** Like what is one the server, and its mutliple worlds? Wish you could have them even when you cant get online? Want them all to yourslef? Want to use modifications you cant get on the server? How about adding your own flair to the buildings everywhere? Or do you just feel like blwoing stuff up? Well, then head on down to the archives and dowload the maps! Its easy, but an instructional video will be put up to ensure customer satisfaction! ******Feature Request****** Have a cool idea for us? We are love input from players! Drop us a line at LikeGoogle.com/about/feature-request/ We even have a world wide map showing the dots of users that accses the site or server, at this link. See where in the world we are played the most! You are all invited! Hope to see you all there!
  6. Looks like im not the only Norman around here... *couf* Welcome mate! *in Aussi accent*
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  8. A late pilot stops by, stumbles into the door way, looks up, and says hello.
  9. Well, this of course is ... lol. Ya. I know AC is not real. Anyway.
  10. Hmmm? What never happed? The Usean Cont. War? Well.. not in reallity anyway. But in the Acecombat world it did. I wrote up that pice as if i was a histroian from that world. Im a little confused what u ment. lol. sorry.
  11. AC4 FTW!!!! have you played AC4? I wrote a HUGE millitary history paper on it (the Usean Contental War of 2004) Im starting on the Cause, damage, and history of the Circum Pacific War too. (AC5) I may even consider The Belkan war and id need to do a TON of resaurch on AC6 to do that one right. lol. heres a link to my paper on the Ace Combat Skies Forum. http://acecombatskies.com/topic/31762-an-analysis-of-factors-leading-up-to-the-usean-continental-war/ Any way, those who have read iit say the nicest things about it. Like its a collage term paper or somthing. im extremely proud of it. EDIT: And ACZ was very fun btw. I love Flemeco music. If i could play guitar.. id play that sound over and over again.
  12. Galm team: Ustian Mercianry Pilots of the 1995 Belkan War. (Galm 1 leading Galm 2 below on my sig and Galm 2 or Larry Foulke on my avatar) Its a Ace Combat thing.
  13. Well thank you everyone! this is great. Well, just to clarify, i like a good sound argument (in the orignal greek meaning as it would be) and i think i will come across a few good debsates out here. Thank you for welcomeing me to the forum!
  14. Hello. Im Nate. Id like to point out to manny on this fourm that i am not a furry. However i am very Christan (4give any misspeling i am not good at that) and extremely conservative. I am here as a friend (i will not name him as i am as he states, a "Normal" lols.) requested that i come here, and so i am here. He asked that i come here to give my sharp and rahter percise insight on the world and all the jazz about it and give a lot of whoopla to the fourm. (i HAVE read the rules here so i will stay within them as this is a revokeable privlage) Anyway, i am formor BSA, Love Ace Combat, and am extremely proud of my country's heritage and rich history, (i luv history) Even though im not exactly proud of some of the people here in my country. As i have allready read much of the comments on the site, i have reached a consensus that I need to bring reality back to the senseles arguments that rage and spiral into spiting matches. Reason and Logic are comin back. Im here to really make that happen. It seems that a few people on the fourm have been chased away in a sort of way just over things like... oh well. You all know what im talking about. Anyway.... yaa. So hows everyone doin?
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