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  1. Howdy hey, nice to meetcha Jackal! I suppose you're up competing against Dog the bounty hunter then, eh? *salutatory high-five*
  2. Used to be Lucario; I still play as him but he's too slow most of the time. It really depends who you're playing against. I've gotten bizarrely good with Lucas, though... And just the other night I found out you can bat back projectiles with his side smash. AWESOME.
  3. Houston, nice. It's been way too cold in Texas as of late. x_x Welcome!
  4. Hihi, nice to meet you! Hope you'll enjoy it here! :3
  5. You have a Courage the Cowardly Dog avatar. This is awesome. *gives high five* +10 EXP (Also, hi!)
  6. Cross your fingers/pawpads/talons/whatever, hackers are known for doing cool things like that. Who knows?
  7. Ey man, nice to meet you! *gives customary high-five*
  8. Eyo, hiyo, welcome! Snow is... cold.
  9. How curious. Skip to 1:10 if you don't like watching/listening to 80's computers load.
  10. Nice t'meet you, good sir! *gives a high five*
  11. Fancy seeing you here! MWAR HAR HAR! *ahem* Grand to see you here, man! Despite the fact that I knew full well of your entrance to the site beforepaw (er, beforetalon I guess for you), I'm still gonna issue you my standard greeting of a HIGH FIVE! (Or how ever many digits you have. Anything's cool.) To everyone else: Ben's my roommate. I seem to have infected him and now he's a furry. Whorps.
  12. Pretty sure that's my favorite, just because of how absurd and comprehensive it is.
  13. In the shower, when I'm falling asleep, and when I wake up I often have awesome songs/ ideas of things to draw. Only problem is, I never get to a place where I can get them to physical media before I forget them. Still, the bursts of creativity are enjoyable.
  14. Schweakin' Freet. Goo'job! (No clue why I'm talking like that X3)
  15. Wow, quite the artistic skill! Nice to meet you! /me gives a high five
  16. Hello, nice to meet you Spaz! What a name. X3
  17. It's now required in my dorm to play Brawl against all of us at least once a week. Trufax.
  18. I recently bought Dead Space and Secret of Monkey Island on Steam during a sale, so I'm working through them. I've also gotten Knights of the Old Republic, Oblivion, and Modern Warfare 2 from my roommates, so I'll be hittin' those up afterwards. Dead Space WILL freak you out if you play it at night in the dark. Just sayin'.
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