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  1. Well, you'll have your roving Pirate Lord there soon.
  2. Welcome, quite pleased to meet you!
  3. Most of us are USA; I'm central location. It's almost 1 AM here. XD I am just a night owl.
  4. Hello, and welcome. I was quite shy myself when I fist showed up, but this place has been good for me. PM me if ya ever wana talk!
  5. I loved the books, and have read all of them. I actualy have teh first 3 signed in person. Perhaps written immaturly at first, but understandable. Teh wrighting is also heavily inspired by one of my otehr favorite authors. David Eddings. Look into the Belgariad series if ya like that series!
  6. G'day, contact me if ya want someone to chat with!
  7. Hello, and welcome! Be sure to contact me if ya wana talk!
  8. Hello! Fur has definitly made me happyer as well. ^.^ Be sure and contact me if ya wana talk. ;3
  9. Oh gosh, Norman! This is your doing! You released the Drgy on us! *yells and starts ranting about things only Norman and Drgy understand*
  10. O.o HOW DID YOU FIND ME !?!
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