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  1. Somewhat back, lol.

  2. Update on my recovery: Will finish in about two months. I have an open incision that needs to be cleaned and packed twice a day. I'm in good health regardless!

  3. Quick update, for real this time: I am no longer employed. I have an open incision. My bar's out. And I'm home most of the day.

  4. Skype is generally where I live. My username is "sahleh64" and my screen name is "Curo Salus." Feel free to add me!
  5. IRC (Internet Relay Chat/Chatroom) is a type of chatroom. It's kinda a dedicated program, where someone hosts a room and others log into it to chat. CF has a link to ours here on the site somewhere. You can also use other programs to log into it as well. I know mobile ones for Android exist, and I recommend HexChat for Windows.
  6. Welcome to CF! I hope you enjoy your stay! I'm always up for making new friends!
  7. I do not quite understand what CF would be in trouble for. Adair, can you please elaborate for me?
  8. Welcome to the forums! I hope you'll like it here.
  9. Hello! Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here with us!
  10. Engineering internship acquired. I start on the first. Pray for me!

  11. Video games? Yes. Drumming? Yes. Music? YES. Goofing around with friends? Another big yes. Favorite genres include: heavy metal/metalcore... Dude. We must become friends immediately.
  12. Possible engineering internship lined up. (Ignore the fact that I'm a computer scientist!)

  13. Welcome! I am a writer/poet and a music addict. Feel free to start creative discussions!
  14. On the tool bar, there is an "Image" icon that resembles a Polaroid photograph; right of HTML hardlink and left of the <> code block. It should ask for a URL and then pop it in.
  15. I was in band in high school (represent!), but percussion. My best friend was a trombonist. If you know some particularly good EDM, I'd be willing to listen! Lots of good music! Adam Yooooouuuuung! I love his music.
  16. I won't really be here anymore for about another month. Sorry guys. Sleep phase delay syndrome is not friendly and the treatment is bonkers.

  17. I probably delayed in making this... I am a music geek, so... I listen to everything so I'm curious as to what other people listen to. What's your favorite musician or artist? All the music I have on my desktop (sans a few artists) can be found here, alongside their genre. EDIT: Fixed some typos.
  18. Hello Naomi/CamoWolf! (Also Owl City rocks.) I'm Salem Pertaeus/Curo Salus. Welcome to the forums! If you have a Skype, feel free to add me: (Sahleh64).
  19. Welcome to the forum! I'm Curo Salus/Salem Pertaeus. If you're a Skype user, feel free to add me (sahleh64) and say hi.
  20. <3 I don't really have words to say. Much as I echoed in a poem I recently wrote. You guys know where I can be found, and if you don't, you know someone who does.

  21. Well, drat. CF, I'll be here in spirit. Not so much myself, now.

  22. I'm actually broke because I have to feed myself. I have one monitor. Although as a programmer, I'd say two more would be a blessing. Also, you know what's fun? Double contractions. I'd've had two monitors this semester if my dad didn't keep one.
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