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    Dancing, drawing, my little pony, costume design, sewing, manga, anime, HORSEBACK RIDING,Michael Jackson,Disney, and MICKEY MOUSE...oh and Japanese culture (it fascinates me)
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    Fennec Fox
  1. welcome to the family :3 *kikis best quality hugs* we are the same age
  2. i get medium sized collars at wal mart
  3. i have the feet paws completely done im working on the head right now. the spikey hair in the back is hard grrr
  4. Foot paws are completely done now now im gonna work on the head (i know i planned to make the handpaws and tail next but i wanna get my head done) oh and im getting a mouth squeaker so when GLiTCH talks she sqeaks its gonna be adorable
  5. hes doing a lot better still getting treatment but hes not in as much pain any more plus i keep his spirits up with GLiTCH i wont allow him to be sad lol but yeah hes doing a lot better thank you for asking
  6. i would loooove that job
  7. so far i have the footpaws done except the paw pads and i have the head foamed pretty much i still need to do the other ear lol and the shape of her hair pictures coming soon
  8. ok so my uncle kitty has liver cancer so i am making this fursuit to help show my support. (plus its a cool character) so far i have the foot paws done. ill put a picature on here when i get the chance. GLiTCH is an Emerald green pharoh dog/dragon. she will be a full suit. and i ill possibly be dancing in her. this is my first fursuit so if any of you more experienced ones have some advice please i need it. this is just gonna be a thread of updates and fursuiting pictures.
  9. WELCOM :3 *hugs* i love ur signature by the way
  10. "in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room" from walt disneyworld and disney land's enchanted tiki room
  11. nice to meet you i loooooooooove music too what type of music do you like. who's your favorite artist.
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