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  1. Well, the Christian/Jesus pages just erupted out of nowhere one week. And I'm sure twitter has a bunch now too.
  2. You can add me to your artist list. And I don't know who's doing yours, but my FTM is still running...I just don't have time to write sermons and Whitefang hasn't been posting his stuff on it. And the Facebook thing...I have like 5 Jesus pages on mine and 10 other Christian things! I think we can leave FB well enough alone.
  3. "The Black shall fall from the sky. As darkness grows, light shall die. We desire your hearts, and your demise. By my Black Hand... THE DEAD SHALL RISE!" ~Black Lantern Oath
  4. How bout I add some story to my new form.... "During the take of of the Alpha Lanterns by Cyborg Superman, poor Green Lantern Wally Bear of Sector 0471 was one of the unfortunate Lanterns forced to be turned into an Alpha Lantern. After Cyborg Superman's defeat; the corruption of Cyborg Superman remained in the young Alpha Lanterns causing him to believe he is from sector 2814 (Earth) and was able to break free from the control of most Alpha Lanterns and act like a normal Green Lantern again." ~(From the first image I posted) "After the Guardians of the Universe allowed Alpha Lantern Wally Bear to defend Sector 2814 (Earth) for a year, they called him back to Oa. They have unlocked and removed the corruption left by Cyborg Superman, yet they let him keep his independence due to his already unwavering ability to keep the laws in the Book of Oa with out needing to be told. After informing him of his true past; Alpha Lantern flies back to his home in Sector 0471 to retrain the new Lantern of that sector." "In days of peace, in nights of war Obey the Laws forever more. Misconduct must be answered for, Swear us the chosen: The Alpha Corps!" ~Alpha Lantern Oath
  5. I admit, I do wish that it was all one window rather than 3 or 4 LOL I know right? Try copy and paste, an not get lost for a second..
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