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  3. ^^" I'd really appreciate it if you only did that in PMs.
  4. After careful consideration and time spent away from online communities, I've chosen to make another attempt at becoming active on this forum. During my short time of being silent I've taken a lot of my good and bad habits into consideration, and with a more careful approach, I hope to share my thoughts and beliefs in a kinder manner. I remember during my last interaction with this forum I hurt several people's feelings. And because of my behavior I'd like to apologize for being silly and obnoxious at times, and I would like to take this time to humbly apologize for my mistakes. If anyone wants to discuss any personal issues in private with me so they can receive a more personal apology, just PM me.
  5. lol, Tyger wolf drawing stripes on Sakiki... That picture made me smile, its cute.
  6. MinervaMunk

    33 Miles

    Have fun at the fair!
  7. Its great to see you posting, regardless of how long it took you to come back!
  8. WOW!!!! Your fursuit is really coming together, girl!
  9. Hello and welcome. Make yourself comfy.
  10. I think my mood changed to "In Pain" one time without me changing it for myself.
  11. This one's mine: http://irathesilverfox.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/xarzyth/
  12. I second this statement whole-heartily.
  13. I have one. I recommend his handy work. The jewelry he made for me and my boyfriend was genuinely crafted from the heart. He's really good at what he does.
  14. MinervaMunk

    dood. yes

    The grunts made me laugh ^^ But yeah, the beat sounds good, i just wish it didn't slow down in the middle because it sorta did it without warning and some folks who like to dance might be turned off by that. The song sounds like a great instrumental if you intend to keep working on it.
  15. Your most recent picture is sooooooooo adorable!!!! Look at those cutie pie faces! And you got her a ring...!!! I'm impressed!
  16. MinervaMunk


    Aww. Who's Akice? Someone on this forum?
  17. Your character looks good in flat colors!
  18. I know.. Its sad that people like him have nothing better to do.
  19. Portal 2 on steam. (I still like consoles better, I don't care what anyone tells me.)
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