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  1. Babysitting [Episode 5] sometimes I get fed up with tech and break out the color pencils. I also tried to start this one while babysitting my niece and nephew.
  2. Drawception [Episode 4] After a long break created by unforeseen family matters, I've finally gotten back to the Wagztail comic strip (sort of). The Thanksgiving one will be out later this week hopefully. Starring -> Tikaani -> Daniel Art in the third box is based off of ASDFmovies, a Youtube animation by Tomska. If you like random humor, be sure to check him out.
  3. *No deer were harmed in the making of this comic.* In a recent podcast, we talked about deer that can read signs (at least that's what the caller thought). We also joked about how many furries that we might have offend on accident during our show. In a later interview, Wolfin said that he disliked puns and Levi said that Wiley E. Coyote gave other coyotes a bad name. So I couldn't resist. ^.^ Starring -> 4 random deer -> Wolfin -> Tikaani -> Silent Paw (in sound booth) -> Levi Wolstrom (sorta) -> Wiley E. Coyote belongs to Looney Tunes.
  4. My most recent picture of Tikaani on Furaffinity. Gun enthusiasts will enjoy this one https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9149524/#cid:62078828
  5. I wanted to make a picture of a wolf soldier running from zombies and some how ended up with this. My niece Kat and female warrior wolf Altsoba going trick or treating. There's a black and white version on my FA account as well. Enjoy your Halloween.
  6. Episode 2, Tikaani questions Levi and that leads to a devastating revelation. And can someone please fix the RPIG! Starring Tikaani LeviWolstrom https://d.facdn.net/art/tikaaniwicker4/1351197955.tikaaniwicker4_final_wagztail_comic_episode_2b.jpg
  7. This is the beginning of the new Wagztail Comic series. Join Wolfin, Levi, Tikaani, and others every Sunday/Monday to see the craziness that comes with running a family friendly podcast. In this episode, Wolfin tells how Tikaani joined the show. (true story) https://d.facdn.net/art/tikaaniwicker4/1350959095.tikaaniwicker4_final_wagztail_comic_episode_1.jpg
  8. I forgot about this comic. It was my first one and it was done over a year ago. I did it for a community group and all I got was blank stares... Maybe it'll do better on here.
  9. My latest art is an attempt to use color pencils and blend them with Gimp. It also doubles as my furbadge. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9001358/ It is also the indication that I'm back in the business of art. :cool:
  10. Welcome to CF. I'm from Knoxville, TN as well. We'll have to meet up in RL some time
  11. This is what school is forcing me to do... I also got lazy when it came to this assignment... The hockey wolf is the only redeeming quality
  12. And now we know... the rest of the story
  13. Have we met? Welcome to the forums.
  14. Aloha from the Hawaiian wannabe wolf. Welcome to the forum.
  15. *sits back and watches the train derail epicly from Halo 4* oh, fireworks. ^A^ Anyway, I am not a huge gamer and play games to have fun. I don't worry about competition between games or debates. I'm looking forward to Halo 4, Black Ops 2, and Transformers Fall of Cybertron equally. I'll rent them all and slowly buy them when they drop $20 in price or go into a used games store. Have a nice day. *bounds out of the room*
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