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    It's ridiculous. This is just ridiculous. We would be so much closer to acceptance of differences in life if the minority side doesn't make a big deal and just goes on with life, like other normal people. But nooooo...the minority always wants to act 'special' and want things catered to them. While naturally, me being a Christian I disagree with LGBTs, but I support equality by all means...but now this silliness is hitting too close to home in my field of entertainment. This just isn't the way to do it. When a person who supports LGBT gets mad about this, then they're doing it WRONG.
  2. Speaking of beasts... I'm hoping the full game will have those bots that can transform into dinosaurs and all that, lol. Dunno what they're called...I really don't know my Transformers universe.
  3. My gaming group has got into this game, at least the demo so far since the full game isn't out yet. They convinced me to try it out today and let me tell you, I was hooked on the first campaign preview. The gameplay and visuals are so fluid, the movement is tight and the controls are response. The soundtrack, once the chorus kicks in? Spine tingling. I've never really been into Transformers past the animated shows but this makes me want to get back into it, a LOT. Of course there is a multiplayer demo as well. Only one map, but this map has a great balance of indoor, corridors, mid range, long range, and even aerial. (yes a class can transform into a jet) There are four classes, all come with a dash/sprint ability and regeneration overshields and non regenerating health. Infiltrator with fast speed, a fast car, low health and cloak. Destroyer with rocket esque weapons, portable shield, medium speed, medium health and a batmobile esque vehicle with machine guns. Titan with machine guns, slow speed, slow-ish tank vehicle, a sort of wind up whirlwind melee ability, and lots of health. Lastly, the Scientist with precision weapons, medic ray, jet vehicle, small-medium health and medium speed. My favorite class thus far is Titan, for a machine gun class it's pretty accurate, and the tank esque vehicle is good for getting across the battlefield and being able to take hits. When paired with a Scientist and camping ammo drops the Titan is hard to take down for sure. Better yet it the role of Scientist as a medic is clear to people, and I'll be healed without asking. Demo download link. That's the link to the demo. This will not waste your time. TLDR: Game is awesome, try demo, have fun.
  4. Huuuuh. I never knew domain names could work like that, what with WWW or not, not showing up in DNSs.
  5. Yeah, and Rukh was the one who knocked sense into me.
  6. Hi there CF. You may recognize me, or you may not. I used to be active on here through posting or lurking, back, well...whenever I did. Over a year or something ago. Long story short I fell off the narrow road, the righteous path. For a while I kept trying to get back on it, but I just could not claw my way back. Actually, as it'd turn out I was doing it all wrong, so wrong...from probably day one of my 'belief' years ago. It was a hard truth to realize and infact it made me want to just quit. I felt so little, small, stupid, and insignificant. I almost did just quit, but I didn't. So now I'm here. While part of me makes me think I should do everything different because my core way of thinking was wrong...I still realized I had good fellowship here, and other places. Lastly, I'll admit, it's still hard. Getting my mind straight, trying to have the mind of Christ. I haven't been like that for so wrong...maybe not even ever. But gosh darn it, I'm going to be on the right path again. So that all said, hi again, I guess.
  7. Falux

    Battlefield 3

    I got it for free, which was given to me by my brother...who got it for free. Connections are good, eh? Haha. I like the multiplayer, maps are huge, and you have to be super tactical...which for me, I'm terrible at. My games so far have not gone positive, haha. Everything totally makes me paranoid, bullets everywhere. Campaign from my play so far is boring, nothing too exciting. Hope it gets better, I want games with good campaign and multiplayer. Most people these days don't even care about campaign, bah.
  8. Well, TFK isn't really rap....well, I think their genre is technically rapcore. I mean, they rhyme and they rhyme great and they bring out the rock like none other. I saw them last October at the Underground in Cincinatti Ohio along with Pillar. TFK was the main band and that was the BEST concert. Period. I met the band. o.o
  9. Not a song, not even by a band, but by a modern day Mozart; Marty'o'Donnel. Ghosts and Glass (Piano)
  10. Sigh, no...ICP is not Christian. Yes, they said they were...you sort of have to take that with a grain of salt, and yeah...great album cover, huh? Some sort of devilish looking feature holding his hand out to you. That's a good influence. If Jesus had a band, would he be cussing and cursing? I don't think so... Anyway, Toby Mac. That man is the stuff. Look em' up.
  11. Demon Hunter-Driving Nails-Acoustic
  12. Hello there. Nice to see you here. I'm sure you'll love it here. Message me if you have any questions, friend.
  13. Eh, just about the only game I play now because I am without my 360 (Picking it up from my Dad's tomorrow though. And a BlackBerry also. FTW!) is a browser based MMORPG called Sherwood Dungeon. www.SherwoodDungeon.com/SherwoodDungeon.htm
  14. Falux

    Final Fantasy 13-2

    I got the first FF13. In my opinion it can only be rivaled by FF7. I'm so getting this for Christmas.
  15. I disagree, slightly. Just as our fursona isn't really us and is masked by the Internet because it can never really exist, thus are our Spartans. They are literally masked (helmeted) and can never really exist. (Though...there is this one crazy guy who has made a darn near impenetrable armor suit that is like MJOLNIR, but...tis' a different story.) And we both, for the most part of people involved in these groups, assume the role of the fursona or Spartan when ever it is called for. Just a thought. I mean...sure, not the biggest likenesses but ah well, I just always see connections in everything. Plus you can pretty much have a fur like looking chest piece armor, be orange or brown, and have a paw emblem in Reach. >.>
  16. What do you think? I think this person is a bit right. Most Spartans never show their face to where we can see them. The only ones who have are the Spartans in Halo Legends, and in Halo Reach. The most important Spartans...US, Noble Six from Reach, Master Chief from the original trilogy, and our multiplayer Spartans in 1, 2, and 3 never showed their face. That's actually just for immersion and to make us feel like were them, but I think it's done a bit more than just that accidently, as the person in the quote box said.
  17. I know right? I'm so unique I'm too unique for any of that fursona stuff for the most part. Hence why I said I'm pretty much me. Lol. But a gryphon takes the cake. Ain't seen one of them round' these parts.
  18. Howdy. Good to have you. You're unique, that's great. I'm just, uh....me. Ya. No frills about it!
  19. Halo Reach, again, haha. Man, a three way free for all between me, my brother, and my friend with increased damage, jump height and movement speed to 100 kills, all power weapons on the map on Powerhouse. Ah....fun times.
  20. That is also accurate. Just almost everything in the story of the original trilogy can be related to Christianity. That makes me think of something else, now...Halo 3 ODST is based off of Dante's Inferno. No, not the game....the epic poem that was actually wrote by Dante. http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=37475960 Read and be flabbergasted.
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