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    PS3: notagain-_- Steam: Tmase Anything else: orioles03 or orio
  2. In that case, I appologize >.< Real name: Travis Other names: About your fursona: Wolf Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: Iowa Email: [email protected] IM: [email protected] ; orioles03 Web site(s): Artist/Writer: Style: Been to any cons: nope but going to one soon! Fav. music: jazz! Likes: debating politics and religion Dislikes: when people can't see they matter Church Denomination: Undenominational Anything else:
  3. I looked at that before but didn't see too much else. OH! except favorite music xD I love jazz and christian rock, like switchfoot. Also I didn't do the avatar, I'm terrible with drawing. It was from a friend
  4. Hey everyone from this forum I just found out about! I am from Iowa and have a unique fursona, wolf. I am quite the outspoken person so you will probably see a lot of me. Also I am 19 and male ;p As far as my faith goes. I am undenominational. I also play a large part in music ministries. My band and I play at many church conferences around here, my church, and the college ministries. So if you wanna talk music xDDDDD Also I love to talk, skype is orioles03 and msn is [email protected] and you can basically find me wherever I have a profile as orioles03 or orio. Enough for now, I have a speech to give tomorrow and I haven't started >.<
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