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  1. I was the resident human for awhile, and then I decided to join the party. XD Once again, welcome to the forums! It's nice to see some diversity.
  2. You do really good work, Cobalt. ^^ I really like the first and last ones you posted in particular. I saw these on DA too awhile back.
  3. Interesting. I'm curious about what led you to the site? Also, maybe you could tell us a bit about what your beliefs are. You seem like a rather normal human that stumbled in here out of pure curiosity.
  4. Howdy! Welcome to Christianfurs! I notice you have uhh... dangit I forget that Knight's name. But I take you as a Shovel Knight fan. :3
  5. Welcome, Enoji! ã¯ã˜ã‚ã¾ã—ã¦ï¼Nice to meet you.
  6. You are Groot. o 3o/ Hi! ^^ Welcome.
  7. Kail


    I like it! The footpaws are a bit ambiguous as to whether they are paws or in fact really long shoes. You should take commissions and make models for people. ^^
  8. You're just now getting here? o3o Welcome anyways! X3
  9. https://otakunorakugaki.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/adair-wants-coffee/ Finally finished Adair's request! Gosh I'm slow.
  10. Udemy offers great art courses. You can sign up for the site and get really cheap deals (10-15 dollars). Compared to paying hundreds for college courses. They offer courses for a whole lot of other things too!
  11. Kail

    Im an Artist!

    Gosh! As an art major, I'm floored by your work. Your style is really polished and fleshed out!
  12. Welcome, welcome! I'm the resident uhh... well I talk a lot sometimes about faith-related matters on the forums. I don't quite want the title of resident soapbox wolf though. XD I also do arts! Check my siggy. Hope your stay is good! Be blessed.
  13. Welcome to CF! I'm a little late to saying hello. ^^;
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