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  1. *hugs Carson* Hey buddy! FCC Got back up and running
  2. For all of you guys, thanks! I've been here before and I see some familiar faces :3 I used to go by Kyuunu or Ksaari here and I lost the password and email. And yes I have heard of Amon Amarth, but look up a band by the name of Insomnium. That's my favorite band. They're melodeath <3
  3. Real name: Brandon Other names: Red, Kyuunu, Ksaari, Red Wolf, Remus About your fursona: I am a dark grey wolf with two gold earrings in my right ear. I have a pagan cross of teal or aqua color on my left and right shoulder. I have an Ægishjalmur on my back and I have a "Sleeper-gram*" on my left thgh. I am Feral Form and I rarely leave it. (*A sleeper-gram is the symbol of one of my favorite Christian bands Oh Sleeper.) All my symbols are of teal or aqua coloration which may be subject to change. Age:I am 16 Gender:Male Location:Washington USA Email:[email protected] IM: Web site(s): Artist/Writer:both Style:semi realistic Been to any cons:no Fav. music: metal, pagan metal, black metal, unblack or white metal, death metal, melodeath metal, symphonic black metal, symphonic melo death metal, rock, classic rock, rap, Finnish rap, christian metal, christian black metal "unblack/white metal," Folk metal, power metal, softcore rock, and much much more. Likes: Logic, Metal, Combat, the Crusades, Bass Guitar, Survivalism, knives and weapons. I also like good people, I love Jesus, I like pagan symbology, and I LOVE FINLAND! Rakastan Suomea ♥ Dislikes: Idiots, people who don't use logic, I don't like people who talk bad about my faith, and I feel very strongly about that. If you want to know more things I do and don't like message me (I associate with the orthodox church, sorry its hard to write on my phone.) Anything else: Don't be scared of me because of my music tastes... I'm actually a really nice person. :3 Church Denomination: Anything else:
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