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  1. WOOT METAL!! [: Welcome to rthe forums!
  2. Welcome to the forums yo, hope you like it here!!
  3. Lol Carson and otsoka. I played Doom3 on nightmare and that's exactly what it was...
  4. Hey mate, welcome to the forum! I share your interest in electronics even though all of them seem to fail in my house... anyways, hope you find you like it here!
  5. Congrats that's like one of my favorite games evar! Ocarina of Time still the best though... I have to agree with Fahn that Zelda for the NES is like the hardest game I've ever played on a console, but I beat that one too and was basically ecstatic for a week X)
  6. Omygosh I love music, poetry and art too! @[email protected] Welcome to the forum Vivian!!
  7. Drgy


    Currently in the process of toughing it out, it's actually going pretty well! Can't wait to get to the end of this game, the story has been keeping me enthralled the whole time.
  8. Drgy


    Has anyone here played Amnesia for the PC? And if so how in the world do you get past the jail part without being scared the jubeezus out of? :3
  9. Hmm, maybe I just need to start raising the bar X)
  10. Sup friend? Hope you like it here and welcome!
  11. ...I'm not sure whether the two above me are being sarcastic or what but I have quite a bit less than you my friend and can still run some high end games on High Quality at 30 FPS. Soooo you should be pretty good unless your computer eplodes from all that power 0.o
  12. Never happened to me before... sounds like some weird voodoo to me man o.O
  13. "Sometimes tie-dye shirts if I'm being social..." lol at that. Welcome!!
  14. Dude, you have no idea how much that game inspires me o.O
  15. Sup friend? My brother is autism and I am Bipolar disorder, so I found that part pretty interesting. I'm also pretty shy but I don't show it (if that makes any sense whatsoever) Welcome to the forums and if you ever want someone to talk to just PM me!
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