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  1. What about html/javascript editing mode?
  2. I've tried a few times, but can't figure it out. How do you post html code or javascript?
  3. As we grow out of childhood, and dream of things ahead, We look forward to maturing, and with that one point said: It is inevitable, as it is in our very essence That in maturing, we must face adolescence And to focus on a specific point, an infatuation takes place There may be a certain person, and we love to see their face As it seems to press on you, a crush—so aptly named All other thoughts can’t stay in your mind And to have one of these on someone you can’t dare talk to It crushes your soul, and your heart too.
  4. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, a DSiWare game, takes place in Super Mini Mario World, an amusement park run by Mario and the gang. At the grand opening, Donkey Kong wants to come, but the tickets had sold out (or supposedly sold out) by the time he came to the front of the line. Of course, he is upset, and kidnaps, not Princess Peach, but Pauline. Mario used to rescue her before Princess Peach came into the gaming world. Minis are little wind-up robots/toys, which include miniature versions of Mario, Princess Peach, Toad, and Donkey Kong. they will move forward once you activat them, and you have to guide them with various objects in the game. Through.... I will finish this review later -Eagle I
  5. I'm an eagle. Eagles do not have fur. Therefore thy are 'feathery', not 'furry'. Heh. ;p -Eagle I
  6. A lone eagle, flying through the sky Soaring 'cross the land ..And I wish we both could fly A wondrous thing, the eagle sings And he lands on my hand by Eagle I
  7. I know I am different, I know I'm unique But people treat me differently As if I'm less than they can be Why won't they understand? Will they ever see? Is there a normal? Is it really? I'm not sure that's what I'd want to be... by Eagle I ....if that's how I'd treat people... ..like me?
  8. When I repeat lines, it is b/c these are meant to be read aloud. -Eagle I
  9. In this, O Lord, I pray for wisdom I want to know and understand How wonderful wisdom is, I've seen, After all, "Wisdom is supreme" In this, O Lord, I pray for peace I pray that all this terror cease I know it's perfect where you lead I pray, that you will intercede In this, O Lord, I pray for patience In getting this here poem done If someone can give me inspiration I know that You are the one. Heh. by Eagle_I
  10. The stresses of the day Will lead me astray Leaving me confused My energy all used But when it happens, I impart Writing, writing, from my heart And I pray that this will pass But sometimes it still happens, alas. And many words do not help When they do not come to me I feel blinded, helpless, weak And I pray that the Lord will help me see And I pray that the Lord will help me see. I write this now on a tablet of paper I almost felt like I was on my own But with the Lord God I feel safer With Him I do not feel alone. Thank you, Lord, for how you've blessed me I want to use this talent... To praise thee. by Eagle I
  11. Eagle_I


    I feel much better now, poetry is sometimes a way to help me calm down. Oh, and the "shivering" part was because the AC was on and I was directly underneath the vent in the cafeteria. -Eagle I
  12. Another day, another time All these experiences that are mine What I search for, I do not know But I will trust the Lord God to show I will trust the Lord God, to show; To show me where that I should go. By Eagle I 5/28/2010 ...He leads me beside quiet waters... And I worry not, for He is my Father.
  13. Eagle_I


    Alone at a table I find myself unable To make sense if it all Between others and I Standing very much high There is an unscaleable wall If one could be found A way around This wall standing firm to me… But if there is one, even one at all, It is not one I can see. By Eagle I 5/28/2010 I shiver as the wind blows at me, As I look for a place I cannot see.
  14. Nothing is nothing and nothing is something But nothing's not something Nor is it just one thing No things are something Yet sometimes they are Do you understand this so far? Something's not nothing and it really is too I understand all this And I hope so will you. by Eagle_I * It makes perfect sense if you think about it.*
  15. A week or two ago, we went up to Ludington, MI and while there, saw the movie "How to Train your Dragon". It was really good, and we saw it it 3-D. Basically, a boy named Hiccup (who is a Viking, and yes, his name is Hiccup. Heh. Anyways, the Vikings have to fight to defend their village from the dragons, who attack and steal livestock, etc. Well, Hiccup has tried many times to get a dragon (but always ends up w/ trouble instead, like destroying some part of the village ) Well, Hiccup gets out one of his 'inventions' (which usually, as you can probably figure out by now, fail): It is a cannon that shoots nets. He gets lucky and hits a Night Fury- a dragon no one has actually seen yet. Until Hiccup does, that is. The dragon slowly becomes friends with him, and Hiccup names it "Toothless". Well, he decided that right before Toothless slid out it's retractable... teeth... Hmm. Hiccup tries to fly w/ Toothless, but, as it turns out, its back wing is broken. Well, that's all I'm going to say for now, 'cause I don't really want to give the movie away. I suggest you see this on a home projector, w/ 7 channel speakers. However, it doesn't really matter. It's still a great movie. -Eagle I
  16. Red and Blue Then Yellow (Special Pikachu Edition) Gold and Silver then Crystal Ruby and Sapphire then Emerald FireRed and LeafGreen (remakes) Diamond and Pearl then Platinum HeartGold and SoulSilver (remakes) (Black and White?) Then what? Pokemon Gray?
  17. Eagle_I

    Pokemon Gen 5

    Black.. and white? Thats kinda.. boring. Heh.
  18. Lugia, Ho-oh Flying high above the sky Along with the sun -by Eagle I
  19. Spring Haiku As the dew drop falls And the flowers start to bloom The birds start to sing Rain Haiku When the raindrops fall And the children all go play And the grass gets much greener By Eagle_I
  20. /me really likes Gardevoir too. Plus theres Pokemon Mystery DUngeon Red/BLue Rescue Team, w/ Gardevoir in the main plot.
  21. I desperately need to write. Maybe some poetry. I need to make my load more light I’ll write extravagantly, you’ll see! Pouring out your soul Into a single task I’ll write and write and write Until in the writing I’ll bask. Writing is like art You can easily make it If it doesn’t seem right Don’t just forsake it! Nurture and take care of it Soon it will flourish and grow This is one thing I know from experience And soon more art will follow. And poetry: Unfair, good, loving, So many feelings in your words You can make it suspenseful or exciting A masterpiece, you can be assured. So many cultures and experiences Lush or dry, clothes, tye-dye Dancing, singing, trusting, clinging Expressed through words adventures lie. You can write comically and philosophically You can write your life so others can see. Or you can write just so you can say These here words are me! You can write things for music You can write things to sing You can spin the words, creamy and thick, Until the halls, with your words, will ring. Writing your desires and wishes, Weaving fiction on a loom of words, You can swim in a sea of dialect To lush forests of words you, too, will be lured. What would we do without writing How could we possibly sing Cut off from writing we are like, A bird cut off from its wings. You can make friends And help lend With a little song Separating me from my passion is just plain wrong! Writing to me is like honey More important than idols or money Words I form and craft Take them away-its like the raging falls Without your raft. -By Eagle_I
  22. My binder is falling apart Papers ragged, metal bent A patchwork thing, held together by tape Its almost gone, its lifespan spent For the way I have treated it was not what was meant. I've lost a paper or two I haven't seen them; how about you? Over by the...what? What did you say? Oh. The mud hole. Oh, great. They look like..um..er... Never mind. I need a new binder- a more durable kind. One week later I sat in my seat With a brand new binder, my papers all neat But wait, I forgot- my history folder Its a bit beat up, And taped everywhere too. I can't find my homework-how about you? -By Eagle I
  23. On March 14th, 2010 Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver comes out. Yay! >^o^< I've already pre-ordered it.
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