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  1. Someone I know is getting an order from FurPlanet, so, I'm piggy-backing on their order to get a copy
  2. Next month Windows 8 comes out; so, if that's something that interests you, you should likely hold off on buying it until then. In the mean time, you can run a Windows 7/8 trial or the Windows 8 consumer preview for free until you purchase it. I've used Windows 8 and although some things take getting used to, it is manageable, and it also doesn't have the 7-editions-hell that Windows 7 does.
  3. Hey, an FM1! Here's what I ended up building last month for my HTPC running beside me (some non-required extras are on here I added) if you'd care to compare, http://cdn.podhurl.com/image/2j0J1S1u1L01 , I've loved the build; but, I haven't been gaming on it, yet I would question using a FM1 motherboard/processor when you're using a discrete graphics card tho -- I'd rather use a 6/8-core processor with an AM3 socket in that scenario. Any pluses to using the FM1 socket?
  4. You're going to be better off home-building than buying something from off of eBay. Plus you get the sanctification of putting it together yourself and using the parts you want. I would never use less than a quad-core processor for a gaming PC, either.
  5. Yay, more Tennessee furs! Does your accent twang? I need to know *glomps*
  6. Yeah, I built a computer that should handle both of those for $340 last month; but, it wouldn't leave a lot of breathing room. I'm usually not comfortable building what I consider a "future-proof" PC for under $700, namely because I like to do things like boot the system from an SSD and max out RAM out of the gate.
  7. What kind of games would you be looking to play? I'll be honest, a PC in that price range is hard to build.
  8. Welcome! Are you a Christian? I couldn't tell from your description (just teasin )
  9. We used to have quite a TF2 group here, including our own server. I still have some friends to play with, although none of them are from here.
  10. Make it; see how much it really costs and how well it really works. You've kinda said, "who'd like free power?" It not good as a theory, show it can be done.
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