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So much happening!

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 A lot of things just happened.

Q: Why were we down for... a while...
 A: As it turns out, our backup system was not functioning correctly, and it took a while to figure out how to get past that... unfortunately it took so long that were weren't able to ask our host for a higher level backup...

Q: Hold up, what happened to the last 3 years of posts?
A: Well... The backups stopped right before the database that holds all of the forum threads. SO the last clean backup we have of that is from 2015... BUT all of the user accounts and PMs should be current... I hope.

Q: Wait aren't you a computer guy? Shouldn't you know better?
A: I'm also a terrible person and very lazy

Q: Everything looks so different! What happened?
A: Well... part of why we were dealing with backups to begin with. Newly updated forum software! We'll sort out the themes and stuff here soon.

Q: Wait, why'd you bother with all of that? I thought CF was closingA: Well....
CF is being taken under new ownership
 Yes, just in time for our 10 year anniversary (whaaaaattt) CF is being taken over by Fandom Ministries which consists of Thomas and Jude.

Q: Will you or Norzman be around?
A: Probably

Q: 10 years really?
A: November 2008! I'm tired, is it nap time?

Q: So this means CF will be around more??
A: Yeah! I hope so anyway!


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