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We all have someone on our heart

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Posted 07 January 2016 - 02:31 PM

Everyone has a lost soul that we hate to ever see die without salvation. This prayer is for them. It has been revealed to me, that we are CALLED to pray for them. I've had many people on my mind, but a fox in particular (which i will hide his name) that through him, God has revealed me this: that if you have someone that you heavily worry about, to pray for them. I know in faith, that if i pray for this particular someone, that God will answer my prayers, and i believe the same is for you. Don't lose hope, but do what you can, my brothers and sisters in Christ. pray like this, and pray it every time they are on your mind: in faith!


Dear sovereign Lord, there is of no coincidence that i worry for individuals that are lost,

for You have put them on my heart. So i pray to you now for the sake of their salvation: That they will acknowledge you to themselves and turn from their ways to follow you! I pray to You that You will Convict them day and night without rest, that their strength and pride will strain to nothing. Show them Your generous love so broad that they cannot deny it. I beg you to reveal Yourself to them when they seek for You. It is not of my decisions that choose who will be saved, yet Your will be done! But i ask out of the passions of my heart, that i believe you have called me to do such prayers of abundance for them, that these prayers shall be answered: save those who are on my heart, in Your name, Jesus! and for Your glory, save... them. AMEN!


Listen to God about who is on your heart. We aren't called to go to different countries and spread the gospel, but what is greater than leading others to Christ? is this not our ultimate task while on this earth? We can also try fasting together ^.^ hit me up on skype @JosiahTiger , i'm zead atm. God's will be done.

From your punk rocking hipster skateboarding music playing hippy. *lights a cig, sighs*

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Posted 07 January 2016 - 06:12 PM

i pray for your fox and my fox as well. (i know yours, mine is a different one x3) hopefully we'll win them over at a point in our life or another.

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Posted 07 January 2016 - 06:20 PM

I've had many of these people, but these worries have sucked the life out of me. Also, thinking about fasting while my life is sucked out of me is a no go. I cannot fast anymore. I'm too old for that. I cannot fast... Remember that euphoria I've had about it? Well, guess what. Losing my life by worrying and offering myself to serve other people that either don't recognize my help or spit on me or return in bits AND THEN ALSO surrendering all what's remaining in my life; the furriness and faith; to God so that I'm completely empty is suicidal! Yes, I can surrender by putting things in God's hands, but never that I don't have anything physical near myself. Yes, I'm bound to physical, but I cannot not be.


But what you've said here has a point. Jesus said that what we do to our youngest brothers is what He will do to us. I suppose if I pray for them instead of putting my nose into their business and having my life sucked out, is a good idea. Also, my/our task on Earth is to use own talents to lead people to Christ. I just feel so much grief when I cannot or have no time to realize my talents. I know what happens to the servants who don't use their talents. However, as I know that God doesn't punish those who fail while they avoid failing, I still feel bad when I know that I have such a long time before I die and when I know that that time passes so fast while the days last so short as I go to sleep late in unsatisfiedness from an unfulfilled day, be unable to sleep, wake up with bad dreams and headaches, crawl slowly and sleepily and in pain as a beaten up cat when then I just wake up for real when it gets evening. So many days pass so fast.


I guess that God's not answering my prayers because I'm not praying more. I haven't prayed that chaplet for 4 days already because of how short days have become, plus my activities, plus my laziness, plus my strife of not letting go things off of mind to relax it to pray. I have to pray more. For every chaplet decades, I'll pray for each one of you. That should do it. It was effective while I was doing it.

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