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"Come to me all who labor and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest."


Matthew chapter 11, verse 28.


Jesus asks us to come directly to Him. Don't focus on your own self, as one member here posted. Focus on Him. Pray. Look to Him, the source of all things good! Give up your burdens to God, and He will give to you peace. Love Him, for He loves you. Know it, too.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths."


Proverbs chapter 3, verses 5 through 6.



After all the pain you've been through, and all the broken promises and words said behind your back, and after all those who have wronged you... It's hard to trust. I have trust issues. I try to lean into what I think, for what I think is all that I have understood from my own life.

But understand this: You can trust God. He truly loves you, and love does not seek to hurt you or do you wrong. God is with you. And with Him will you make it through life alive and well, spiritually well. Trust that He'll take care of you, seek Him and His will out, and do as He desires. It may hurt now, but He knows what He's doing.


Every beautiful work of art cast in a mold must go through the fires to be formed into what the artist desires.

He has cast you. Will you fight the beautiful things He wants for you?


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I'm referring to casting an object in a mold. 


The artist carves out a mold and takes metal, melts the metal, and pours the melted metal into the mold to let it solidify. 

He then takes the metal object, removes excess metal, and polishes the object to something beautiful. 

I've done metal-working like this. You take a bunch of metal shards and bars and make it into something beautiful and unique. 

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Zvoc, this will help you get an idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92DLUnaPx7I


Imagine we are like the glass. We used to be nothing but sand, but God picked us up, heated us, and made us into glass by using fire (the tough and painful times in our life, akin to going into the oven where we are exposed to the heat and hard times)


When we obey God, and we follow Him and change him, the impurities are worked out of the glass, and we become more like what he wants.


He puts in characteristics in us to make us more beautiful and pattern us in the way He desires. He then heats us up more and, again, when we follow Him, the characteristics are melted in and shaped, cut, and designed just right.



Aaaaand Spirit beat me to it :P (i like metallurgy a lot x3 i just used glass as it, to me, conveys that God is making us into something beautiful a lil clearer ^^)

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I'm a major post-editor. One comma missing annoys me. And I can always make the post better by saying more. LOL.


To go along with the cast theme, I turned these zinc pellets into this:


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